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Vriddhagiriswarar Temple

Vriddhagiriswarar Temple
The Vriddhagiriswarar Temple is a Hindu temple in the town of VriddhachalamCuddalore district. The presiding deity is Vriddhagiriswarar. The temple gives its name to the town of Vriddhachalam.
The temple is surrounded by high walls and four gopurams. The mandapam is carved like a chariot. The chains of the temple car were donated by Charles Hyde, the District Collector of the then South Arcot district in 1813.

The most distinguishing feature of Tamilnadu is the proliferation of temples. The ancient Tamils were warned not to settle in a place where there is no temple naturally a large numbers of town and village bear the name of the chief deity of one of the temples located in the place. Virudhachalam an upcoming town 55 kilometer from south Villupuram is a shining example for this naming system.
Virudhagireeswarar Temple is known as Pazhamalainathar Temple. It is situated of the northern bank of the river Manimuthar. It is at a distance of 3 kilometers from Virudhachalam Railway junction and 1 kilometer from Virudhachalam Town Railway Station and 1 kilometer from Virudhachalam Bus Stand.
Virudhachalam is one of the 22 places of Saivite pilgrimage in Tamilnadu. It is one of the places giving salvation to the departed. It is even considered holier than Holy Kasi i.e. Varanasi. People in the past believed that Pazhamalainathar himself the presiding deity here used to ulter Panchatchara Mandiram into the ears of dead. Hence in olden days people of Virudhachalam never bothered to undertake a pilgrimage to Varanasi when they become old and weak. As a result this place is also come to known as Virudhakasi.

This temple has been constructed according to Agama Shastram and it has five Gopurams, five Praharams, five Nandhhi, five Kodimaram and five holy Cars.
Sri Thiruganasambhandar, Sri Thirunavukarasar, saint Sundrar had sung the glory of Pazhamalainathar.
It is to be noted that goddess is worshipped in the form of elderly lady called Periyayahi alias Virudhambihai. At this request of guru Namasivayar she also took the form of young women with the name Balambihai. Vannimaram is the Holy tree.
Poojas & Festivals
Daily Pooja is performed four times namely Kalaisanandhi, Utchikalam, Sayaratchai, Arthasamam.
Monthly and yearly festivals are performed in a grand manner. Among the annual festivals Adipooram festval is an important one and the festival is celebrated for ten days and Masi Brahmothswam is the main festival which includes Holy Car procession and Theppam festival.
The temple will function daily from morning 06.00 Hrs to 12.30 p.m. and evening 3.30 tonight 9.00p.m.
Archana and Abhshegam can be performed at request.
Executive Officer
Arulmigu Virudhagireeswarar Temple
Virudhachalam 606 001
Cuddalore District Tamilnadu
Phone: 04143 230203

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