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Padaleeswarar Temple

Padaleeswarar Temple
Pataleeswarar Temple is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva in the town of Cuddalore. It was constructed during the PallavaMedieval Chola periods. The Saivite saint Appar is believed to have adopted Saivism at this temple. It is one of the ancient Saivite shrines in Tamil nadu sanctified by the visit of two of the four chief Nayanmars viz. Thirunavukarasar & Thirugnanasambanthar.
The Presiding Deity Lord Pataleeswarar is also known as Thondra Thunai Nadar and the Goddess is named Periyanayaki Amman. It is only in this part of Tamil Nadu Saint Appar moved up in the sea, inspire of his body being thrown tied to a weighty boulder, swam to Karaiyeravitta Kuppam in proximity to this holy shrine thereby proving to world the spiritual strength endowed to a devotee.

This shrine is a very ancient one held in high veneration by the Shaivites. According to the inscriptions found in the temple and rendered in modern Tamil by the Department of Archeology, the history of this temple could be traced to the periods of Paranthaka Chola, First Rajarajan, First Rajendren, First Kulothungan, Vikrama Chola and also by the kings of Pallava and Pandiya dynasties who had performed renovation works from time to time in this temple and also made grants and gifts for the upkeep of this temple.
The Philanthropic family of Pudukkotai Nagarathar, renovated this temple and performed Kumbabishekam on 28-06-1917, followed by the one held on 8-2-73 undertaken, thanks to efforts of local devotees

The temple is located in Cuddalore, aka Thirupathiripuliyur. The temple is 0.5 K.M from Thirupathiripuliyur Railway Station. Pataleeswarar Temple is one of the ancient temples in Cuddalore, Tamilnadu. The Temple plays a unique role in the history of Hindu religion, art, and architecture.
There is a belief/myth that by worshiping single time this God is equal to 16 times worshipping the Shiva in Kasi, 8 times in Thiruvannamalai and 3 times in Chidambaram. It is named after the Pathiri Tree and the Puliyur, a tiger-legged saint who obtained absolution in the area. Devaara Thiruthalam is a show on Peppers TV that features Shiva temples that have been mentioned in the Thirumurai, ancient Tamil poetry written by the Shaivites Saints.
Padaleeswarar temple is one among the ancient 274 Siva temples whose history reportedly dates back to more than 2000 years. This temple is situated in Cuddalore town. This is one of the temples which is a Paadal Petra Sthalam situated in "Nadu nadu".
The spiritual specialties are innumerable in this divine place. The Mythological history is as follows: once, Shiva and Parvathi were engaged in a game of dice. Though the Parvathi won all the time the lord denied it. Parvathi said that she will cover the eyes of Shiva and if he really won left them show light. By saying she covered the eyes of the lord. The entire world plunged into darkness. A few seconds there, seemed infinite time for Gods. The moment of that occasion led all human creations including other Gods to realize a long duration of Yugas of inactiveness.
After realizing that she has committed a grave mistake prayed for forgiveness. Lord Shiva advised Parvathi to go to earth and pray in all the 1008 Shiva Sthalams and in which Sthala the left eye & shoulder vibrates, there She should penance. Accordingly, in the course of Sthala yatra of Parvathi when she came to pray in this Sthala (Thirupathiripuliyur Padaleeswarar temple) the diving occasion of vibration of left eye and left shoulder happened. So Parvathi started doing her penance in the Aruba form (arunthava nayagi) and married lord Shiva.
As such, it denotes its importance that the public can pray the Shiva and Parvathi for the fulfillment of their spiritual aspirations.
Two saints, Thrinavukkarasar and thirugnanasambandar who played wonders and miracles through their divine hymns have glorified the sacredness of the presiding deity Padaleeswarar in their works.
Arunagirinatars work Thirupughazh hailed for its chaste and unparalleled beauty includes songs in praise of lord shanmughar of this sacred temple Goddess Uma
The Pallava King Mahendra Varma (600-630 A.D) tried to kill him Appar by various means but by the grace of lord siva Saint Appar escaped unhurt the King then tied him to a Stone and threw him in the river. Again by the grace of lord siva he has a miraculous escape so pleased with his songs the lord gave him all protections against the kings wish. The stone became a boat and he safely reached the shore near Thiruppathripuliyur. This Place is even now known as Karaiyeravittakuppam a festival is being celebrated in the month of Chrttirai to commemorate this miracle.
Legend of the temple is that of upamanyu son of Vyagrapadarishi while offering worship his feet mistakenly hit the Devi who cursed him to become a hare. He repented his action and Devi ordained him to pray the lord Padaleeswarar to get rid of the curse. The hare after wandering many years was one day hunted by the legendary king Adirajan. The hare after getting wounted by the arrow of Adirajan ran away and came in contact with the brances of this padiri tree. The touch of the tree resulted upamanyu regaining his human form.
Once Sage Toomappur who was doing penance here. He cursed manganar to become a hare for disturbing his penance. The Sage in the form of hare performed penance in the padaleeswarar temple and regained his human form.
Lord Padaleeswarar changed the course of the river Gadilam for saint manickavasakar to worship without difficulties.
The Temple plays a unique role in the history of Hindu religion, art, and architecture.
Pataleeswarar Temple is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva in the town of Cuddalore. It was constructed during the Pallava and Medieval Chola periods. The Saivite saint Appar is believed to have adopted Saivism at this temple.
During 7th Century saint Thirunavukarasar was thrown to the river tied to a Weighty boulder (Stone) by the Pallava King Mahendiran. But the stone moved up in the river proving to the world the spiritual strength endowed upon a devotee.
Some of the important festivals are given below
Special Abhishegam to presiding Deities will be done during Tamil New Year. Vasantotsavam is a 10 days festival will commence from sukkilapaksha shasti to chitrapournami & Appar Urchavam
The annual Brahmotsavam for 13 days will be conducted according to sastras and Agamas & Panchamurthis are taken around the Rajaveedhi twice every day. Each procession will be on different vahanam & adhikarananthi festival will be on 5 th day morning. 5 th day night will Magha meru Theruvadaichan.
6th day will be silvar Rathotsavam Silver Indira Vimanam. 7 th day Morning will be kailasa vahanam Gopura Dharsanam. 7 th day night will be Thirukalyana urchvam silver rishapa Vahanm parivettai Golden kailasa vahanam. 8 th day will be flower pallakku. 9 th day will be car festival. 10 th day will be float festival. 11 th day will be sivaharthirthamtheerthavari festival.
Natarajar Ani Thirumanjanam
Adi pooram urchavam will be conducted for 10 days ending on pooram day, Morning Ambal    Valaikappu urchav azam will be performed. It attracts a huge crowd of women    and female children. Adi friday Kuthuvilakku pooja will be performed.  Adi Swathi Arulalar sundaramurthy Swamigal Urchavam will be conducted
Pooja Timings 
1. Morning 6-00 Thiruvananthal
2. Morning 8-30 Kala santhi
3. Morning 11-30 uchi kalam
4. Evening 5-30 sayaratchai
5. Night 7-00 second kalam
6. Night 8-30 Arthayamam
Abhishega Arathanais:

Devotees can perform Abhishegams, during Kalasanthi, Uchikalam, Sayaratchaikalams

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