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Ancient Digambar Jain Temple, Kunnathur, Tirupur

Ancient Digambar Jain Temple, Kunnathur, Tirupur
Ancient Digambar Jain Temple in Kunnathur was built before thousands of years or so. At present this Ancient Digambar Jain Temple is dilapidated condition. We can observe Idol of Digambar Jain finely carved on Marble stone. We can also observe this temple covered by a wall.

Another structure similar to this ancient Jain Temple is present besides this temple. This ancient Jain Temple has Vimana on Garbhagriha of the temple. This temple is surrounded by paddy fields with excellent greenery. One can see the pillars of the dilapidated temple in the same campus.
Special Poojas & Festivals
The following festivals and special poojas are conducted in Jain Temples;
· Akshaya Tritiya commemorates the first Tirthankara, Rishabha, and partaking food after many long years of penance
·        Jinaratri commemorates Rishabha’s moksha
·        Mahavir Jayanti celebrates Tirthankara Mahavira’s birth
·        Diwali commemorates Mahavira’s moksha
·        Vasanta Panchami honors the Jain Agamas
·  Upaakarma commemorates the Chakravartin Bharata, son of Rishabha, acknowledge the true scholars by awarding them the Upanayanam
·        Karthikai Deepam at the onset of the month of Karthika
Fastings and other religious practices are also undertaken at this Jain Math like Full moon days Chaturdasi (14th day of the fortnight), Ashtami (8th day of the fortnight) are days chosen for fasting and religious observations.
Women take food only after reciting the name of a Tirthankara five times. People undertake such practices as a vow for certain period of time – sometimes even for years.
On completion, Udhyapana festivals (special prayer services) are performed religious books and memorabilia are distributed. People who take certain vows eat only after sunrise and before sunset.
By Bus:
Ancient Digambar Jain Temple in R.Kunnathur is well connected by road from all places in Tamil Nadu. Jain Temple in R.Kunnathur Village is 80 km away from Coimbatore District. One can reach this Ancient Jain Temple in Kunnathur by private taxis or buses from Coimbatore.
By Train:
Nearest Railway Station is Samalpatti Railway Station, which is 6 km away from Ancient Digambar Jain Temple in R.Kunnathur. One can reach the Ancient Jain Temple in Kunnathur Village by Private taxis or buses from Samalpatti Railway Station.
By Air:
Nearest airport is Coimbatore Airport. 

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