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Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple (Thirukkalavanur), Kanchipuram

Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple (Thirukkalavanur), Kanchipuram
Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple is located inside the temple complex of Kanchi Kamakshi Amman temple, Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu and also revered as one of the 108 Divya Desam temples, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal temple is glorified in Nalayira Divya Prabandham, a Vaishnava canon, and Mangalasasanam (devotional songs) were sung by the 12 azhwar saints.

It is situated on the right side of the Garbagraham of Ambaal (Moolavar Sannadhi). In the shrine of Kamakshi Amman close the sanctum, the Thirukkalavanur Divya Desam, the temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu glorified by the 7th-10th century Alwars (Tamil saint poets) is present. The temple faced west went to ruins and the deity is now placed inside the Kamakshi Amman temple. There are shrines over the vimana.
Story behind the name Thirukkalvanoor:
The legend says that when Goddess Kamakshi, one of the forms of Goddess Parvati, and Goddess Lakshmi were taking bath in Kama Koshtam pond, Lord Sriman Narayanan was said to be hiding behind a pillar and hearing on what they were speaking about. Goddess kamakshi found that Lord Sriman Narayanan is hearing to them by hiding himself. As a result, Goddess kamakshi gave him a playful punishment by making him stand, then sit and finally to reside down.
Because of this, he is found in all the 3 Sevas (i.e) Nindra, Irundha and Kidantha Seva on the North side of the pond of this koil. And hence near to that temple tank the images of Lord Vishnu in the standing posture (Nindra Kolam), sitting posture (Irundha Kolam) and sleeping posture (Kidantha Kolam) are traceable. Since, Sriman Narayanan saw them taking bath without knowing them, Parvathi kept him the name as "Kalvan" and this Divyadesam is called as "Thirukkalvanoor".
Parvathi penance on Lord Vamana:
As per Purana, Shiva cursed Parvati due to some differences of opinion, and Parvati prayed and meditated on Lord Vamana at this place standing on one foot. Parvati, absolved of the curse was named Kamakshi.
The Temple
The Lord was named Kalva by Parvati as he overwhelmed Lakshmi speaking to Parvati on the banks of Pancha Theertham. The Lord took the form of Nindra (Standing), Irundha (sitting) and Kidanda (Sayana) postures acceding to Parvati’s plea. These Sannidhis on three tiers are on Northern end of the tank at Kamakotipuram. The presiding deity of Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal temple is Lord Aadhi Varaha Perumal (Lord Vishnu), found in a standing posture. And the goddess of this temple is Anjilai Valli Naachiyar.

The other important deities of this temple are Lord Anjaneyar, and Garuda, the bull mount of Lord Vishnu. The Pushkarani (temple tank) of Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal temple is called as Nithiya Pushkarani and Vimanam (tower above the sanctum sanctorum) of this temple is called as Vaamana vimanam.

The Perumal of this sthalam is Aadhi Varaha Perumal. He is found in standing position facing West direction. Prathyaksham is given for Ashvattha Naarayanan. 
Anjilai Valli Naachiyar. Found in next maadam in the next wall to Aadhi Varaha Perumal. 
Thiru Mangai Alwar - 1 Paasuram. 
Nithiya Pushkarani.
Vaamana Vimanam. 
Pooja Timings
The temple remains open in the morning from 5.30 AM to 12.00 noon and in the evening from 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM.
·        Annual festival (chariot and float festival) – March to April
·        Navarathri – October
·        Aadi Pooram – July to August
·        Aippasi Pooram – October to November
·        Sankara Jayanthi – May to June
·        Vasanta Utsavam – May to June
By Bus:
Kanchipuram which is 75-km away from Chennai is well connected by a network of roads. There are frequent buses from the city to Chennai, Bangalore and other places. For local transportation bicycles can be hired from the shops near the bus stand. Cycle Rickshaws and auto rickshaws are also available on hire to move in and around the city.
By Train:
The nearest railway station is Kanchipuram station. There are various Trains for Kanchipuram which are available from Chennai, Chengalpattu, Tirupati, and Bangalore.
By Air:
The nearest airport to reach Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal temple is Chennai International airport.

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