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Adinatha Perumal Temple (Thirukurukur), Alwar Thirunagari, Thoothukudi

Adinatha Perumal Temple (Thirukurukur), Alwar Thirunagari, Thoothukudi
Alwarthirunagari Perumal Temple is one of the Nava Tirupathi, nine Hindu temples dedicated to Vishnu located in Thiruchendur-Tirunelveli route, Tamilnadu, India in the banks of Thamiraparani river. All these 9 temples are classified as Divya Desams, the 108 temples of Vishnu revered by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars. This is one of the 108 sacred places of Lord Vishnu and the 5th Navathiruppathi dedicated to ‘Guru’ or Jupiter.

All these nine Vaishnavite temples are in Tuticorin district about 40 km from Tirunelveli and 25 km from Thiruchendur. They form a cluster around Sri Vaikundam and Alwar Tiru Nagari which straddle the north and south banks respectively of the River Tamirabarani. Sri Adinatha Perumal Temple is located in Alwarthirunagari and is 5 km away from the first Sri Vaikunda Nathan Temple.

Alwar Tiru Nagari, whose ancient name Thiru Nagari received the prefix ‘Alwar’ after the great Vaishnavite saint Nammaalvar attained salvation here. It is in Vaikasi (May-June) that the icons of Lord Perumal from the other eight shrines are brought here to join the host Lord receive darshan from Nammaalvar. Sri Aadhinatha Swamy Temple, named as “Tirukkurukoor” is also known as Alwarthirunagari Perumal Temple.

The List of Nava Tirupathi Temples and its related Grahas (Planets) are:
·        Sri Vaikuntanathan Perumal Temple – Surya (Sun)
·        Thiru Varagunamangai Perumal Temple – Chandra (Moon)
·        Thirupulinkudi Perumal Temple — Budha (Mercury)
·        Irattai Tirupathi Perumal Temple – Rahu (North node)
·        Irattai Tirupathi Perumal Temple – Ketu (South node)
·        Thirukuzhandhai (Perungulam) Perumal Temple – Sani (Saturn)
·        Thenthiruperai Perumal Temple – Shukra – (Venus)
·        Thirukkolur Perumal Temple – Mangala (Mars)
·        Alwarthirunagari Perumal Temple – Guru (Jupiter)
The Nava Tirupathi is considered as Navagrahas (the nine planets) Temples. Devotees worship in these temples to relieve from the adverse effects of the planets in their life. The Nava Tirupathi temples are headed by ‘Lord Perumal’ (‘Lord Vishnu’) hence there are no separate Navagraha shrines present in these temples. Naatha Muni came here to listen to the sacred verses from Nammazhwar and composed the Naalayira Divya Prabandham.

It is located about 30 kms East of Tirunelveli on the Tirunelveli-Thiruchendur highway. This place is also referred to as Aathi Kshetram, Varaaha Kshetram, Theertha Kshetram, Thaantha Kshetram and Sesha Kshetram and is also called Thiru Kurugur. There are a number of inscriptions here that date back a 1000 years.

This place is also known as Thirukurukur because (i) once Lord Brahma received mantropadesam (teaching of mantra) from Lord Vishnu in appreciation of his tapasya. Since the Lord became Guru, the place was called Kurukoor. (ii) Nammalvar’s ancestor, a chieftain by name Kurukan had this place as his capital; hence the name Kurukoor. (iii) The Tamil word kuruku means stork, hen and conch. The conch or kuruku attained moksha in this place and so the name Kurukoor. Nammalvar’s shrine is more famous than the Lords and so the city came to be known as Alwarthirunagari. Kambar in his work Satagoparanthaathi uses the name Kurukoor only. This sacred place is also known as Dhantha Kshetram, Varaha Kshetram, Thirtha Kshetram and Sesha Kshetram; each one has a legend of its own to gain such an identity.
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The Temple
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Temple Opening Time
The Temple is open from morning 7.30 to 12.00 noon and from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm.
Pooja Timings
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Literary Mention
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All afflictions that happen due to the Navagraha curse will be alleviated by worshipping the deities at Navatiruppatis. Devotees perform Thirumanjanam for the Lord and don him with new clothes. Those devotees whose prayers are fulfilled give as offering anything they desire.
Sri Aadinaathan Tirukkovil,
Alwar Tirunagari, Thoothukudi
Phone: +91 4639 273 607
Phone: +91 4639 273984
Mobile: +91 98944 43900
Tourism Info
Devotees go to the respective temple concerning their planetary problems. To visit each temple using bus transports would be very difficult and time consuming.  Devotees are advised to hire a cab to cover all the temples in a single day. The Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation offers a tourist – program twice a month from Chennai, on the first and the third Fridays. We can return on Wednesday early morning. Sri Adinatha Perumal Temple is just 5 km away from the first temple Sri Vaikuntanathan Perumal Temple.
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