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Kodunkundranathar Temple, Piranmalai, Sivaganga

Kodunkundranathar Temple, Piranmalai, Sivaganga
Kodunkundranathar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Piranmalai in Sivaganga District. This Shivastalam, located near Tiruppattur, is a vast hill temple reached by a flight of steps in the Pandya Kingdom. This shrine is regarded as the 5th of the Tevara Stalams in the Pandya region of Tamilnadu. This hill in the form of a Shivalingam is also called Prachandragiri and Katoragiri. This vast temple covering an area of about 30 acres, with three prakarams has 5 beautiful vimanams and an attractive Rajagopuram.

The Marudu brothers (of Sivaganga) associated with Kalaiyar Koyil have made several contributions to this temple as in Kalaiyar Koyil. There are 3 shrines in this temple representing the states of Bhumi, Antariksham and Swargam. Bhrama, Saraswathi, Subramanya and Nandi are believed to have worshipped Shiva here. There are separate sanctums for Nallamangaipaaga Swamy (kalyana kolam) Viswanathar and Kodungundra Naathar here. There are 57 Theerthams in this temple.

Lord Siva called as Kodunkundranathar and Thayar Kuyilamudha Nayaki bless the devotees mainly the unmarried guys will soon get married. Vallal Pari ruled this places and he gave his chariot to Mullaikodi which you can still see status in this temple. This is built on three levels – each representing earth (boologam or pathalam), space (antaram) and heaven (Swargam). There are different shrines of Siva in each of these levels.

At the ground level is the shrine of Thiru Kodunkundranathar, where Siva is in lingam form, and also houses shrines for Parvati and Murugan. The middle level is of Bhairavar. The top level temple shows Siva as Mangaibaagar, along with Parvati in Kalyana kolam (together as a couple). Piranmalai at 2,500 feet is a unique fortified hill with a temple at 500 feet and a dargah atop its peak. At the bottom there are traces of a moat and a fort wall, apparently pulled down in the early 19th Century.

Patches of paddy fields, coconut and banana groves, wild shrubs and prickly overgrown grass encircle the base of this last crop of the Eastern Ghats. This is the 249th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 5th Shiva Sthalam of Pandya Naadu. Naalvar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. It is a battleground where many fierce wars were waged. Locals climb up regularly to pay obeisance at the dargah of Waliyullah Sheikh Abdullah Saheb.

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The Temple
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Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Six worship services are performed each day here. Lord Ugra Bhairavar Shrine here witnesses a special festival in the month of Thai. Chithirai Brahmotsavam in April-May; Vaikasi Visakam in May-June; Tirukarthikai in November-December and Maha Shivrathri in February-March, Arudra Dharisanam, Vinayaka Chathurthi and Navarathri are the festivals celebrated in the temple.
The temple is praised in the hymns of Saints Tirugnana Sambandar and Arunagiriar. Sambandar composed the Thevara Pathigam here.  This is the 5th temple in the Pandya region praised in Thevaram hymns.
Couples with difference of opinions pray here for a consensus.  Those facing adverse aspects of planet Shukra (Venus) pray to Mother Ambica for relief. Devotees offer white Vastras to Ambica with special pujas.
Sri Kodungundra Nathar Temple,
Piranmalai - 630 502, Sivaganga District
Phone: +91-4577 - 246 170
Mobile: +91-94431 91300.
Piranmalai is 65 km from Madurai on the Ponnamaravathi road. The temple is near the bus stop. The bus service to Ponnamaravathi from Madurai Anna bus stand goes via this village Piranmalai. It is 24 km, north-west of Tirupathur, 58 km from Sivaganga and 194 km from Rameswaram. Buses are available from Madurai Mattuthavani bus stop and Tirupathur bus stop. Nearest Railway Station and Airport are located at Madurai. 

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