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Sri Maha Panchamukha Prathyangira Devi, Panchaputheswaram, Manamadurai, Sivaganga

Sri Maha Panchamukha Prathyangira Devi, Panchaputheswaram, Manamadurai, Sivaganga
Sri Maha Panchamukha Prathyangira Devi Temple is located at Panchaputheswaram of Vedhiyanendal Vilakku near Manamadurai of Sivaganga district in Tamilnadu. This temple is constructed fully with cut-stones of hard rock as per 'Agamam of Chirppa Sasthiram'. The statue of the Devi is standing eleven and a quarter feet high on lotus. She is the 'Vishvaroopi' as guard of all lokas, destroyer of anger, provider of prosperity, dweller of intelligence, manifestor of bliss and grander of Mukthi.
Her Dharsan, internally and externally, creates vibrations of uncountable, unimaginable and unassuming Pranava or Sakthi that would purify the soul, the self. Panchaputheswaram, known as Vedhiyanendal Vilakku, 5 km from Manamadurai is on the way to Paramakudi via Ilaiyankudi, the route in which Lord Rama went to Sri Lanka to confront Ravana.
This Temple houses the big deity of Shri Maha Panchamukha Prathyangira Devi. There are two more sannidhis for Lakshmi Ganapathi & Sornagarshna Bhairavar. Kumbhabhishekam was performed on 24 June 2010. Sahasra Sandi Maha Yagna was also recently performed during 25 June 2010 to 29 June 2010. It has come in a total area of about 5.5 acres (22,000 m2). Soon within the temple premises, ten more sannidhis are going to come for Dasamaha Vidya. Non-stop Annadhanam are provided right from 2000 since inception.
The town is well connected by road to all the cities and towns in Tamilnadu. The Manamadurai panchayat town Bus terminus situated at the Madurai - Rameswaram national highway caters to the road transportation of the town. Manamadurai Junction serves this town with state capital Chennai and other places.
The Silambu Express starting from Manamadurai running Bi-Weekly connects the town with Chennai. The Rameswaram express and Sethu express run through Manamadurai also connect the town with state capital. Also there are good number of Passenger trains from Madurai and Trichy passing through Manamadurai towards Rameswaram.

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