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Ksheerapthi Sayana Narayana Perumal Temple, Thiruloki, Thanjavur

Ksheerapthi Sayana Narayana Perumal Temple, Thiruloki, Thanjavur

Ksheerapthi Sayana Narayana Perumal Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in Thiruloki Village in Thiruvidaimarudur Taluk in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu. The Temple is situated on northern banks of Pazhavaru, a branch of River Cauvery. The Temple is situated to south east of Thiruloki Sundareswarar Temple.


Lakshmi performed penance here to get permanent abode in Lord Chest:

Once, Lord Vishnu came to earth urgently thinking of his devotees leaving Sri Lakshmi alone. Sri Lakshmi could not be alone without Lord Vishnu even for a second. She felt sad and performed penance in this place for never being left alone at any point of time. It is believed that Lakshmi took bath in this Theertham and performed penance under Vilva Tree to get permanent abode in Lord Chest. Devotees pray here to clear any misunderstanding between the married couples (or) any problems between them.

Sukethu got rid of head ache here:

Sukethu got rid of chronic head ache by taking bath in Lakshmi Theertham.


Emperor Rajaraja Chola 1’s wife is Thirailokkiya Maadevi, the village is named after her. The Village was called as Rajendra Simha Valanaattu Manninattu Emanalluragiya Thirailokkiya Mathevi Chathurvedhimangalam during Emperor Rajendra Chola I Period. The Temple is believed to be built by Karuvur Thevar. The Temple is extensively renovated by Chola Emperor Rajendra Chola I.

The Temple

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The temple is considered special to create intimacy between the couples. So, if any misunderstanding / problems arise between the married couples or if the couples are separated, they can worship the Thaayar here to get relief for their problems.


Ksheerapthi Sayana Narayana Perumal Temple,

Thiruloki, Thiruvidaimarudur Taluk,

Thanjavur District – 609 804

Phone: +91 435 245 6432

Mobile: +91 94425 30392 / 94871 31630


The Temple is located at about 5 Kms from Thugili, 5 Kms from Thiruppanandal, 6 Kms from Kanjanur, 9 Kms from Thirumangalakudi, 9 Kms from Suriyanar Kovil, 11 Kms from Aduthurai, 11 Kms from Aduthurai Railway Station, 11 Kms from Narasingampettai Railway Station, 22 Kms from Kumbakonam, 22 Kms from Mayiladuthurai, 62 Kms from Thanjavur and 110 Kms from Trichy Airport. The Temple is situated on Thiruppanandal to Aduthurai Route. Bus facilities are available from Kumbakonam, Mayiladuthurai and Thiruppanandal.

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