Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Surya Koteeswarar Temple, Keela Suriya Moolai – The Temple

Surya Koteeswarar Temple, Keela Suriya Moolai – The Temple

The Temple is facing towards east. There is no Rajagopuram as it might obstruct the rising sun. Nandi and Balipeedam, housed in a Mandapam can be seen immediately after the entrance facing the sanctum. The Sanctum Sanctorum consists of Sanctum, Artha Mandapam and Maha Mandapam. Presiding Deity is called as Surya Koteeswarar and is facing east. He is housed in the sanctum in the form of Lingam. 

Sun God is worshipping Lord Surya Koteeswarar each day from morning to dusk. The shadow of Lord falls on the wall as a proof of this belief. Shrines of Bhairavar and Surya can be found in the northeast corner of Maha Mandapam. Mother is called as Pavalakkodi Amman. She is housed in a separate south facing shrine. The right leg is slightly ahead of her left leg as if she is walking towards us. She has her toe ring only in one leg.

There is a shrine for Lord Bhairava called as Swarna Bhairava in the temple. It is noteworthy that during Aarati, a small red ray appears on his neck. It is said that by the movement of the coral light on the neck, devotees believe that he relieves the adverse aspects of Sun and Moon Gods. There is a shrine for Sundara Maha Lakshmi in the temple premises. She is in Padmasana posture. She is having six toes in her right foot. 

There is a shrine for Navagrahas with their vahanas (vehicles) in the northwest corner of the temple premises. All the planets are facing sun. There are shrines for Ananda Dakshinamurthy, Shakti Vinayaka, Muruga with his consorts Valli and Deivanai, Durga, Nagalingam and Chandikeswarar in the temple premises. Sthala Vriksham is Illuppai Tree.

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