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18 Siddhar Temple, Madambakkam, Chennai

18 Siddhar Temple, Madambakkam, Chennai
18 Siddhar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Maha Meru and 18 Siddhars, located at Madambakkam near Tambaram in Chennai, Capital City of Tamil Nadu. The main shrine enshrines Maha Meru, the great divine mountain. The Goddess Lalita Tripurasundari is installed within the Meru idol. It is believed that Sadasivam is present in invisible form inside the main shrine. All the famous 18 Siddhars are found in separate shrines in the outer prakara. This temple is called as Universal Shrine was constructed as instructed by the Sathguru Seshadhri Swamigal of Thiruvannamalai.

Mr. KVLN Sharma, a devotee of Sri Seshadri Swamigal (a prominent Siddhar), constructed this 18 Siddhar temple at Madambakkam, according to the instructions he had obtained from his guru, Sri Seshadri Swamigal. This temple is a very vibrant one, and is also considered as one of the Navagraha Parihara Sthalam. Those who are unable to visit the Navagraha temple at Kumbakonam, can pray at this temple to get their Doshams (problems caused by the Navagrahas) rectified.

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The Temple
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Temple Opening time
The Temple remains open from 06.00 am to 11.30 am and 04.00 pm to 08.30 pm.
Mahasivarathri in Masi (February-March), Margazhi Tiruvadhirai in December -January), Panguni Uthiram in March-April and Tirukarthikai in November-December are the festivals celebrated in the temple.
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Sri Chakra Maha Meru 18 Siddhar Worship Centre
No.1, Sannadhi street, Madambakkam
Chennai – 600 073
Phone: +91 44 2228 1337 / 2228 1408 / 2493 8734
Mobile: +91 87544 86723
The Temple is located at about 100 meters from Madambakkam Shivan Koil Bus Stop, 3.5 Kms from Rajakilpakkam Bus Stop, 9 Kms from Tambaram Bus Stand, 7 Kms from Tambaram Railway Station, 14 Kms from Velachery Railway Station, 14 Kms from Meenambakkam Metro Station, 30 Kms from Chennai Central Railway Station, 32 Kms from Egmore Railway Station and 15 Kms from Chennai Airport.
The temple is situated at about 7 Kms from Tambaram in Chennai. The devotee should get down at the Rajakilpakkam bus stop on the Velachery road, take the bifurcation. The temple is 3.5 Kms from here. There are no convenient bus facilities from Tambaram. Buses are available only at specific hours. Bus Nos 51G & 51K from Tambaram will take you to this Temple. Nearest Railway Stations are located at Tambaram and Velachery. Nearest Airport is located at Meenambakkam.

18 Siddhar Temple, Madambakkam – Prayers

18 Siddhar Temple, Madambakkam – Prayers


Prayers & Gains Attained
Navagrahas Represented
Sri Sivavakiyar Siddhar

Sri Kailaya Kambali Sattaimuni Siddhar
Chandra Dosham in the horoscope will be removed.
Issues related to mental pressure, mental depression, psychiatric conditions will be mitigated; Restoration of mental poise and peace.

Sri Maha Bhogar Siddhar

Sri Pulippani Siddhar
Chevvai Dosham will be cleared.
Those suffering the malefic mars should worship them; Marriages will be arranged soon; Land dispute, Property dispute, court cases and difficulties will disappear.

Sri Vallalar Siddhar

Sri Idaikkadar Siddhar
Budhan Dosham will be cleared.
Obstacles hampering education or studies will be removed; intelligence, Memory shall increase; Business men facing difficulties will overcome -them and prosper; Couples will be blessed with progeny; Skin affliction will get removed.

Sri Kaga Bhujandar Siddhar

Sri Agappei Siddhar
Guru Dosham will be cleared.
Financial difficulty, unexpected losses in business and issues related to government will be dissipated; Employment gains will be enjoyed; Poverty will vanish leading to better living; Progeny related issues will be resolved; Abdomen and intestinal related ailments will vanish.

Sri Sattaimuni Siddhar

Sri Kudumbai Siddhar
Kethu Dosham will be cleared.
Mental hallucinations, mental pressure, Depression, Blood Clots in the Brain, Unnecessary illusory nature will be cured and devotees will be blessed with a stable mind; can overcome from Smoking and drinking habits.

Sri Kanchamalai Siddhar

Sri Chennimalai Siddhar
Sukran Dosham will be cleared.
Conflicts between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law will get resolved. Marriage will take place as blocks to marriage or malefic effects of marriage are removed; Menstrual problems will be cured. Harmonious relations between the couples will prevail; Mahalakshmi's grace will be attained.

Sri Kapilar Siddhar

Sri Karuvoorar Siddhar
Sani Dosham will be cleared.
Troubles indicated in the horoscope arising from the 71/2 phase of the Saturn (Sani), Ashta-mathusani, Kandasani, will be set aside; Malefic effects caused by Saturn will go. Laggard state in studies will change for the better. Bone diseases and afflictions will be cured.

Sri Azhugani Siddhar

Sri Pampatti Siddhar
Rahu Dosham will be cleared.
Serpent's curse (naagadosham) will be atoned; Illusions due to Maya will be cured giving mental peace; Import / export business will show progress; Bad habits will disappear; Neurotic ailment/trouble will be cured.

Sri Pattinathar Siddhar

Sri Kaduveli Siddhar
Surya Dosham will be cleared.
Malefic effect of previous births, Dosha of ancestors' will be removed, giving peace of mind; Disputes between father, son or daughter will be sorted out; Heart problems or heat generated sickness in the body will be cured; Politicians will gain and success.


18 Siddhar Temple, Madambakkam – History

18 Siddhar Temple, Madambakkam – History
Siddhas (called as Siddhars in South India) are people who are believed to have got divine power through penance. It is also believed that they are still alive and are not visible to everyone. They have invented many medicines which has resulted in a separate domain called 'Siddha medicine'. Although there are hundreds of Siddhas, 18 Siddhas are considered as the most important Siddhas. To facilitate worshipping of the Siddhas at one place, a temple for 18 Siddhas is built in Madambakkam near Chennai. A Meru hill made of a green stone is worshipped as Shiva-Shakti. There is a procedure to worship each Siddha each day with such flowers and Vastras-clothing attributed to each Siddha with related neivedhyam-food offering.
This universal shrine for worship is built by Guruji KVLN Sharmaji principle disciple of Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal. He was born in Kancheepuram to Sri. Varadarajan and Smt. Maragadambal a devout couple from a family of Sri Vidya Upasakars, Sri Seshadri Swamigal was believed to be the gift of Goddess Kamakshi. A very notable incident in his life as a young boy- when he was four on his way to Varadaraja Perumal Swami temple in Kancheepuram he ran up to a shopkeeper and asked for the idol of Lord Krishna. The shopkeeper was delighted to see such devotion in a young boy and gladly gave it to him.
Then discovered that he had sold a hundred such idols within that day. He would have barely sold a fifty in months, otherwise. The man referred to the Sathguru as Thanga Kai (Golden Hand). In his teens the sage disappeared from a locked room. It was the family's idea to keep him bound to them and not let go of him. He went to Tiruvannamalai where he remained for 40 glorious years until his Maha Samadhi, Guru and Master to hundreds of disciples who made their way to him in pain only to find solace in his presence. 
Innumerable miracles are related to the Sathguru and his protection of his disciples. For the Guru the body is just an instrument and so even after his Maha Samadhi he chooses some disciple's body to be accessible to guide the rest of the world through him. Even after his Maha Samadhi in 1929 Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal of Tiruvannamalai continues to guide his disciples from the numinous plane.

18 Siddhar Temple, Madambakkam – The Temple

18 Siddhar Temple, Madambakkam – The Temple
The temple has vast area. The east facing temple does not have tower. The main shrine enshrines Maha Meru, the great divine mountain. The Goddess Lalita Tripurasundari is installed within the Meru idol. It is believed that Sadasivam is present in invisible form inside the main shrine. All the famous 18 Siddhars are found in separate shrines in the outer prakara. This temple is called as Universal Shrine was constructed as instructed by the Sathguru Seshadhri Swamigal of Thiruvannamalai. The main temple has the shrines of Jatamuneeswarar and Soolini Durga who are the Kaval Deivam of the temple. Special prayers are offered to remove the effects of the cast of an evil eye and when new vehicles are purchased.

A majestic Lord Nandikeswara is seated at the entrance facing the Mahameru. Goddess Lalitha Maha Tripurasundari is consecrated as Maha Meru. The goddess is seated on Sadasiva (Kameshwaran) who is found as a cot (Manjapalagai). Shiva Shakthi Sri Chakra Maha Meru stands four feet tall, symbolizing the universal cosmic power evolved from a single block of green granite, the only one of its kind in the world.

The Divine Cow Kamadenu, the bestower of all boons, adorns the Artha Mandapam in front of the Maha Meru. The idols of Sundara Ganapati and Subramanya are found at the entrance of the main shrine. There is a Shrine for Lord Rama with Lakshmana, Sita & Hanuman and Nagaraja (Rahu) with his two consorts are situated at the entrance of the temple. Lord Rahu is present with his consorts Nagavalli and Nagalakshmi built in the lines of Thirunageswaram.

Sundara Ganapathy is also known as Runahara Ganapathy, takes care of issues related to debts. Special prayers can be offered to him on Sankatahara Chaturthi by offering 'Arugam' grass.  Sri Subramanian with his consorts Vali and Devasena is present here. Like in Thiruchendur, Satrusamharatrisathi is done here. There are shrines of Lord Dakshina Moorthy, the four Shaivite saints Appar, Sundarar, Sambandar and Manikkavacakar, Lord Vishnu and Lord Ayyappa around the main shrine of the Goddess.

Seshadri Swamigal is present in a prominent shrine near the main shrine. Special prayers are offered on Hastham star, full moon and new moon days. Golden padukas of the Sathguru adorn the shrine. Sukshma Meda is a specially designed dais. Devotees can kneel down and place their hands on the dais and have a direct communion with the Sathguru to find answers to their problems through his grace.

There is a shrine for Goddess Raja Kali Amman. Devotees can perform 'Senkolpuja'; any problems faced with government bodies or request for sanctions will be answered through this prayer. She is the chief administrator for Goddess Lalita Thirupurasundari and has found her way here on her own request.

There is a shrine for Lord Guruvayurappan in the Temple premises. This is built as a replica in the lines of Lord Krishna at Guruvayoor. There are Five Sthala Vrikshams symbolizing the five elements (Pancha Sakthis). There is a shrine of Arupalakshmi in the inner corridor of the Temple. Prayers can be offered for prosperity and removal of all financial problems. A big Gosala as well as a book store also present here.

18 Siddhar Sannidhis:
Separate Shrine for each of 18 Siddha Purushas are constructed at this temple. Every sanctum appears very natural, real and vibrant. For those interested in Pariharams, every two siddha purusha represent one planet and hence this place is considered as Navagraha Parihara Sthalam.
1. Sri Sivavaakiyar Siddhar:
He is referred to as Siva Vakkiyar as he kept uttering the name of Shiva right from his birth. He was a disciple of Konganar Siddhar. He gave up the material world and is believed to have lived for over 4,000 years. His works include Naadi Parikshai and Sivavakiyar 1000. He is said to represent Moon or Chandra Graha and his auspicious day is Monday.
2. Sri Kailaya Kambali Chattai Muni Siddhar (Roma Rishi):
He is referred to as Roma Rishi as he is believed to have come from Rome and also, since his body was covered with hair (Romam in Tamil). He mastered all the eight siddhis. His works include Vroma Rishi Vaithyam 1000 and Naago Roodam. Roma Rishi also represent the Moon or Chandra Graha and his auspicious day is Monday.
3. Sri Maha Bhogar Siddhar:
He is said to have born in China and was known to have uttered mantras even as a child. He turned into an eminent siddha and was graced by Lord Dhandayuthapani (Muruga), who entrusted him with the work of carving the statue of Lord Muruga out of Nava Pashanam (nine rare herbs which is said to cure diseases). This statue is present even today as the main statue at Palani. His main works include Bogar Vaithyam 1000 Bogar 12000. Bhogar Siddhar represent Planet Mars (Sevvai) and his auspicious day is Tuesday.
4. Sri Kaga Bhujandar Siddhar:
Kagam means crow in Tamil. He is said to have been present in various Yugas witnessing the Pralayam (According to Hindu mythology a Pralayam is the Great Dissolution or destruction of various realms) as a crow standing on a mountain top. His famous works include Kaaga Bujanda Gnyanam, Kaaka Kaiveeyam 33 etc. Kaga Bhujandar represent the Planet Jupiter (Guru) and his auspicious day is Thursday.
5. Sri Pullipani Siddhar:
Puli means Tiger in Tamil. He is the foremost disciple of Bhogar Siddhar. Once to quench the thirst of his guru, Pulippani rode on a Tiger and fetched water with his hands cupped. Hence, he is referred to as Pulippani. He helped Bhogar Siddhar to carve the statue of Lord Muruga at Palani using Navabhashanam, by getting all the necessary herbs. His famous works include Pulippani Jaalam 325, Pulippani Vaidyam 500 etc. Pulippani Siddhar represent the planet Mars (Sevvai) and his auspicious day is Tuesday.
6. Sri Chataimuni Siddhar:
Chatai in Tamil means dress. He considers this body as a dress which should be thrown out one day. He was born at Srilanka and was a disciple of Bhogar Siddhar. He obtained many medicinal and spiritual wisdom from Saint Agasthiyar. His works include Sri Sattaimuni Karpam 100 and Sri Sattaimuni Nigandu 1200. Chataimuni Siddhar represent Kethu and his auspicious day is Friday.
7. Sri Agappei Siddhar:
He is originally a Nayanar born out of Tiruvalluvar community. Being a weaver by profession, he could see how peoples mind wandered and yearned for worldly attachments. Agam means inside in Tamil. He considered this mind as a Pei (Ghost), Agappei (a ghost within our body) and wanted to destroy it. Hence, he was referred to as Agappei Siddhar. He was a disciple of Saint Vyasa. His writings include Agappei Siddharpaadal 90 and Agappei Poorna Gnyanam 15. Agappei Siddhar represent the Planet Jupiter (Guru) and his auspicious day is Thursday.
8. Sri Azhugani Siddhar:
He had mastered in herbs such as Azhugani and Thozhugani and hence the name. He could as well sing wonderful hymns in beautiful poetical language. His famous works include Azhugani Vaithyam and Azhugani Yogam. Azhugani Siddhar represent Raghu Bhagavan and his auspicious day is Saturday.
9. Sri Kudhambai Siddhar:
Born into the Yadava clan Sir Kudumbai Siddhar was an attractive child. His mother used to adorn his ears with Kudumbai an ornament and hence his name. At the age of 16, a saint blessed him with the knowledge of the Self. There after he retired from the materialistic world and wrote of God and self in simple language. His works include Kudumbai Gyana Soothram 18 and Kudumbai Siddhar Padalgal. He gained spiritual wisdom even from this previous birth and had written many divine songs. Kudhambai Siddhar represent Kethu Bhagavan and his auspicious day is Friday.
10. Sri Vallalar Siddhar:
Ramalinga Adigalar was also known as Arul Prakasa Vallalar. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga and believed in Jyothi (light) as a form of worship. He established the Sudha Sanmarga Sangam and endeavored to remove caste system. His notable work was "Thiruvarutpa" and his teachings were service to mankind was a way of achieving moksha. His famous quote was "Arul Perum Jyothi, Thani Perum Karunai". Ramalinga Adigalar attained Mahasamadhi at Vadalur where he transformed his physical body into light to merge with the supreme Lord. His famous works include Maha Deiva Malai and Deiva Madini Maalai. Vallalar Siddhar represent the Planet Mercury (Budhan) and his auspicious day is Wednesday.
11. Sri Idai Kadar Siddhar:
He was born as a shepherd in a place called Idaikaadu. Seeing his deep affection even towards a goat, a Siddhar who was flying by, gave him divine powers and knowledge on astrology medicine etc. There is an interesting story about him. Once he became aware of an upcoming famine and had trained his goats to eat thorns and had covered his house with grain and clay. Hence, he survived the famine by eating the grains and drinking goats milk. Seeing this the Navagrahas (Nine Planets) were astonished and visited him. Idai Kadar offered goats milk and wheat made out of the grains in the house to Navagrahas, who soon fell asleep after a heavy meal. In the meantime, Idaikadar changed the positions of these planets and brought heavy rains to the village. Thus, he fooled even the Navagrahas. His famous works include Idaikadar Gyana Soothram 70 and Idaikadar Kanida Nool. Idai Kadar represent the Planet Mercury (Budhan) and his auspicious day is Wednesday.
12. Sri Pattinathar Siddhar:
Born in a rich family, he looked after his father's business as a merchant. After a long waiting and prayers Lord Shiva himself was born as his son. Once in one of the merchandise, the son brought a huge pack of husks, Pattinathar got wild and scolded his son, who disappeared leaving a note along with a needle without an eyelet, "Not even this needle without an eyelet will follow you in your last journey". From then on, he renounced his wealth and became a saint. There are many incidents in his life which brings out his greatness. One day seeing a group of children playing in the sand, he asked them to bury him and promised that he would appear elsewhere. He appeared in many places and amazed the kids. Finally, when they buried him for the last time, he disappeared and in his place, was a Shiva Linga. The place is Thiruvotriyur in Chennai. His famous works include Thiruvidaimarudur Mumani Kovai, Thiru Ekamba Mudayar Tiruvandadhi. Pattinathar Siddhar represent the Sun and his auspicious day is Sunday.
13. Sri Kaduveli Siddhar:
He hailed from a town named Kaduveli. He performed intense penance seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva at Irumbai. The place was overheated and an ant hill was built around him. Only after he completed his penance the place cooled down and it started raining. Turning wild with rage on one of the villager’s gossips, he cursed the place to be turned into a desert. Later on, he said, though his curse could not be taken back, the place will turn green when people start moving in. This place is supposed to be Auroville in Pondicherry. Though his songs are popular throughout the state, his life is not documented. His famous works include Kaduveli Siddhar Paadal. Kaduveli Siddhar represent the Sun God and his auspicious day is Sunday.
14. Sri Kanchamalai Siddhar:
He is believed to have been born in hills and lived in Kanchamalai. He possessed various spiritual powers which enabled him to even fly in the air. He wore dresses made of herbs. His famous works include Kanchamalai Siddhar Kalakyaanam and Kanchamalai Siddhar Padalgal. Kanchamalai Siddhar represent the planet Venus (Sukran) and his auspicious day is Friday.
15. Sri Chennimalai Siddhar:
Chennimalai Siddhar was born as a milkman and had split tongue from birth. Hence, he was called Pinnakeesar. Pattinathar Siddhar was his spiritual guru from whom he gained lot of spiritual wisdom. He found medicines for many incurable diseases. He always lived in Athi tree and attained mukthi therein. His writings are found in the Padinen Siddhar Kovai. He has written the Pinnakeesar Thattuva Padalgal. Chennimalai Siddhar represent the planet Venus (Sukran) and his auspicious day is Friday.
16. Sri Kapila Siddhar:
Siddhar Kapila incurred the curse of Lord Shiva lord and was born in Madambakkam as a cow where he attained salvation. He worshipped Lord Shiva at the Dhenupureeswarar Temple. His works include KadaichangaIlakiya Noolgal. Kapila Siddhar represent the planet Saturn (Saneeswarar) and his auspicious day is Saturday.
17. Sri Karuvoorar Siddhar:
Born in a place called Karuvur, he was a Sculptor by birth. He gained spiritual prowess from Bhogar Siddhar. He was an expert in sculpting and had sculpted many idols for well-known temples in Tamilnadu. He mastered in the art of consecrating temples and had consecrated temples which were very difficult or rather impossible by others. Many scholars were jealous of him and wanted to get rid of him. Seeing this he entered the temple at Karuvur and merged with Lord Shiva. Karuvoorar is said to have sculpted in gold the dancing Nataraja as requested by the Chola king Hiranayavarman. It was under his guidance that the Brihadeeswarar temple was built by Raja Raja Chola at Thanjavur. His famous works are Karuvoorar Vaidya Kaviyam 700 and Karuvoorar Pala Thirattu. Karuvoorar Siddhar represent the planet Saturn (Saneeswarar) and his auspicious day is Saturday.
18. Sri Paambati Siddhar:
He was a snake charmer by birth and was an expert in controlling all the snakes. He found medicines for snake bite and knew about every snake that lived around that area. Once while he was wandering in the night trying to catch a rare variety of Snake, Sattaimuni Siddhar appeared before him and said, "First, try and control the snake which is within you, leave the rest of them free". He explained that Kundalani is the greatest snake in a person’s body and mastering that will bring immense wisdom. From then on Paambati Siddhar started carrying his journey inwards until he was enlightened. He mastered several arts and preached the humanity in many ways. His famous works are Paampatti Siddhar Gyana Soothram and Paampatti Siddhar Padalgal. Paambati Siddhar represent the Planet Neptune (Rahu) and his auspicious day is Saturday.