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Sorimuthu Ayyanar Temple, Karaiyar, Thirunelveli

Sorimuthu Ayyanar Temple, Karaiyar, Thirunelveli
Sorimuthu Ayyanar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Sastha located in Karaiyar near Papanasam in Thirunelveli District of Tamilnadu. The Temple is situated between Papanasam and Karaiyar Dam. The temple is situated at the confluence point of Kadana and Rama Rivers. On Panguni Uthiram day Puja is performed in grand scale for 3 days. This beautiful Temple is situated amidst Pothigai Hills.

This is one of the five important temples of Sastha along with Sabarimalai, Achankoil, Aryankavu and Kulathupuzha. Of the five famous Lord Ayyappa temples, this is considered the Mooladhara. As the temple happens to be the first Aiyappan temple, people committing to Sabarimalai begin their undertaking by wearing the Mala from here.   

For brief details, please refer below link;
The Temple
For brief details, please refer below link;
Temple Opening Time
·        Morning: 05.00 AM To 12.00 PM 
·        Evening: 04.30 PM To 09.00 PM
Pooja Timings
Every day four times pooja will be conducted.
Pooja Time
6.00 A.M
12.00 A.M
Sayarakshai Pooja
5.00 P.M
Ardhajama Pooja
8.00 P.M
·        New moon days in Aadi (July-August) and Thai (January-February)
·        Thai & Aadi Amavasya
·        Ashada Amavasya
·        Monthly Fridays
·        Panguni Uthiram in March-April
·        Tamil New Year
·        Month of Margazhi
·        Thai Pongal
·        Diwali
·        All Amavasya
·        Monthly Friday
Those, seeking child boon, relief from spells and evil effects come here. Those facing litigations and court problems place their prayers to Sorimuthu Ayyanar. People also pray to Sorimuthu Ayyanar to get more milk from their cows. People offer bronze bells to Boothathar in the temple. Devotees pray for family welfare and health. Devotees offer vastras and sweet pudding (Sarkarai Pongal) to Lord on realizing their wishes.
Sri Sorimuthu Aiyanar Temple,
Karaiyar – 627 551,
Papanasam, Thirunelveli District
Phone: +91 4634 250 209 / 291 104
Mobile: +91 984243 5896 / 98426 42050
The Temple is located at about 12 Kms from Papanasam, 23 Kms from Ambasamudram, 45 Kms from Tenkasi, 68 Kms from Thirunelveli, 225 Kms from Madurai, 115 Kms from Thoothukudi and 154 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram. Buses will be available from Papanasam only during festival days. Nearest Railway Station is located at Ambasamudram. Nearest Airport is located at Madurai, Thoothukudi and Thiruvananthapuram.