Saturday, May 13, 2017

Thenaruvi (Honey Falls), Courtallam, Thirunelveli

Thenaruvi (Honey Falls), Courtallam, Thirunelveli
Thenaruvi (Honey Falls) is located at a distance of 3 Kms from the Main Falls and 4 Kms from Courtallam Bus Stand. The beautiful waterfall of horseshoe shape falls from three sides come together to form a small lake. The natural lake formed in the midst of rainforests along with mighty rock formations is an experience in itself. The waterfall can be advanced on the boulevard from the Main Falls, trek of which spans over 2 hours. Unlike other falls in the region, visitors are not allowed to bathe at the water stream.

The forceful water drops from a height of 170 + feets at Honey falls. During monsoon it’s impossible to get near this falls but during summer one has to negotiate powerful water currents to hit the base and bath in this mind blowing waterfall. The climb towards this waterfall provides spectacular views of the Courtallam valley below, goes without saying that one need to face the huge boulders and steep climb to witness this beauty unfolding. 

Watching ‘Honey falls’ during monsoon is an enchantment – the thundering sound it produces, the splashing waters, the mind-blowing view and the satisfaction of adrenaline rush are nature’s gift to an adventure loving soul. This waterfall can be reached only by walk, which is very dangerous. Taking bathe in this falls is strictly prohibited as it is risky; but adventurous. We have to swim across a pond to reach this waterfall.

During rainy season, it is not advised to swim in this pond as the underwater current will be very high. Thenaruvi literally means a falls of honey. The reason for the rather peculiar and indeed singular name is that the rocks and mountains surrounding the falls are home to a large number of bee hives. Absolutely, there is nothing wrong in calling it as ‘honey’ even the water tastes sweet and even better than the honey.