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Kuttralanathar Temple, Courtrallam – History

Kuttralanathar Temple, Courtrallam – History
This temple has more than 2000 years old history. It is believed that the temple was constructed even before 5th century B.C. Since Sangam literature describes the 'Pothigai' hills, Kutralam town could have been one among the towns of Sangam period. The Ay dynasty ruled parts of southern India from the early Sangam age to the 10th century AD. Among the Ay rulers of the Sangam Age, Ay Antiran is the most outstanding chieftain of this Velir clan. The Velirs were regarded as the 3rd chain of Philanthropists. Ay Antiran's name is mentioned in the Purananuru as the lord of Podiyil Malai in southern Western Ghats.
Kochenganan, the Chola monarch of early Sangam era, built number of temples in Tamilakam. He also set forth the specific tree as the 'holy tree' (Sthala Vriksham) for that specific shrine. Thus Kutralanathaswami shrine was associated with Jack fruit tree aka Artocarpus heterophyllus. From the foregoing evidences lead the scholars to believe that Kutralanathaswami worship could have existed since from Sangam period. Poet Kapiladeva Nayanar believed to have lived during 10th century A.D. describes Kutralam town in poetical work 'Sivaperuman Tiruvandadhi'.
Kutralam is one among the five dance floors of Lord Nataraja (Shiva). It is known as Chitra Sabha. Among 14 Shiva shrines of Pandya country, Kutralam is believed to the most ancient. Parasakthi Peetam, one among the 64 Sakthi Peetams, forms part of Kutralanathaswami temple. The peetam is also known as Yoga peetam, Dharani peetam and Arutparasakthi peetam. 

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