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Sorimuthu Ayyanar Temple, Karaiyar – Legends

Sorimuthu Ayyanar Temple, Karaiyar – Legends
Sorimuthu Ayyanar:
A Brahmin, Muthupattar by name lived in North India. His brothers were discussing about Ramayana. During their talks, the brothers asked Muthu Pattar about the relationship of Rama with Sita. Pattar said Uncle. Beaten by the brothers for his ignorance about the epic story, he came to Pothigai hills. He lost himself to the two daughters of one Valai Pagadai belonging to the backward community. As community was a hurdle to marry them, he declared himself as a member of the community.
Quite unfortunately, on the conjugal night, a cow was stolen and Muthupattar went in search of the cow and was killed in a quarrel there. His two wives also embraced death along with him. Later, a shrine was built for him - Pattavarayan - where he appears with his wives Bommakka and Thimmakka. Though a Brahmin, as advised by his father-in-law, he also learnt the cobbler art. Hence, devotees ties chappals in the shrine. 
When the devotee visits the shrine next year, he will find that the chappals are worn out though not used by anybody. This seems to be miracle in the temple. As the temple is in a jungle region, there are no much human movements. Yet the chappals are found used and old. Villagers in the region come here in large numbers to worship Pattavarayan Sami for the welfare of their cattle.
According to a manual of Travancore state on Aiyappan, Muthupattar himself came out as Sorimuthu Ayyanar. The term 'Pon Soriyum Muthian' means the Lord who down pours golden-rain in the plateau. An instance of this rare phenomenon has found a place in Government Revenue Records maintained by the British Rulers.
Divine Wedding of Lord Shiva & Parvathi:
During the divine wedding of Lord Shiva with Mother Parvathi, as the mount went down due to the weight of the heavy crowd gathered there, Lord Shiva sent Sage Agasthya to South to balance the ground level. Sage worshipped Lord Shiva on this hill.  The Shivalinga worshipped by the sage got buried under the sand in the days that followed. Cows grazing in this region were found pouring their milk at a particular spot and this was communicated to the king. He found a Linga at the spot and built a temple. Lord Dharma Sastha too came out of this place as Sori Muthu Ayyanar.
Iluppai Tree:
There is an Iluppai tree in the temple complex. The bells tied by devotees get stuck to the tree which is considered as the Lord acknowledging their prayers.
Mooladhara Sthalam:
It is generally believed that Sabari Hill is the first temple for Lord Dharma Sastha. This temple on the Pothigai Hills revered as the Mooladhara is considered first by some. Lord Dharma Sastha as Aiyappan in the palace of Pandala king as his adopted Son, came to this place first as a young lad to learn martial arts, hence this is the first temple dedicated to his worship. Based on events in his life subsequently, other Aiyappan temples at Kulathupuzha, Ariangavu and Achankoil came into being according to some facts. Sabarimalai temple is the last when the Lord stayed there for his penance. Of the five famous Lord Ayyappa temples, this is considered the Mooladhara.
Pon Soriyum Muthaiyan:
When Agasthiyar was penancing here, he got an unexpected bright light Dharshan and it took some time for Agasthiyar to even realize what was happening. There Sastha gave darshan with Poorna Pushkala and all his parivars. There was a Swarna abishekam on Sastha by all the devars. So the Sastha was called “Pon Soriyum Muthaiyan” (the God who induced the Swarna rain). To support this, even today golden nuggets are being found in this region.
Once, when the bridge connecting the temple to the main land was broken, the temple became isolated and inaccessible for people. Boothanar took control over the wife of a popular industrialist of Coimbatore and arranged to rebuild the bridge. Now, a beautiful bridge is in place.