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Vatavaranyeswarar Temple, Thiruvalangadu, Nagapattinam

Vatavaranyeswarar Temple, Thiruvalangadu, Nagapattinam
Vatavaranyeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple located at Thiruvalangadu in the Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu. The temple is dedicated to Shiva and administered by the Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam. Thiruvalangadu Temple is located at a distance of 21 Kms from Kumbakonam on the Kumbakonam Mayiladuthurai Road. There is Putra Kameshvarar Theertham in the Temple.

Once Bharatha Maharishi performed penance here for a child and Parvathy Devi herself agreed to take birth as his child. Bharatha Maharishi brought up Parvathy Devi as his child and then married her to Lord Shiva in Tirumanchery sacred place which is near this village. Hence this Putra Kameswara Theertham here blesses childless couples to have children.

The present temple dates from the Chola period and the  last Kumbabishekam was performed during the reign of Kulothunga Chola III.

The Temple
Presiding Deity is a Swayambu Lingam is known as Vadaranyeswarar and Parvathy is known as Vandar Kuzhali in the Temple. The Rajagopuram of the Vatavaranyeswarar temple is of 5 tiers. The legend has it that, Bharata Muni and his spouse Subhadra prayed in this Thiruvalangadu village for progeny, after taking bath in the Puthra Kameswarar Teertham inside the temple. Irattai (twin) Vinayakar — one of them very ancient and the one next to it called Puthra Santhana Pillaiyar, believed to be installed by Bharata Munivar.

To this day, childless couples come to this shrine of Puthrakameshti Lingam and the belief is that they are blessed with progeny. Another noteworthy shrine in this village temple is Jwarahareswarar who is prayed for the speedy cure of common ailments like fever. Banyan is the sacred tree, Sthala Vriksha as it is called, for this pilgrim centre. There is also a shrine for Lord Murugan and his two Consorts — the deft hand of the sculptor who made them is evident from the wonderful workmanship. Lord Murugan is on a peacock frame, adorned and enclosed in an arch like form — a sight worth to see.

This temple is under the care of Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam. Available records reveal that Kumbhabhishekam for this temple is long overdue — the last one having been performed several years ago when Kulothunga Cholan III was ruling Thanjavur.

This village is famous for its annual Panguni Uthiram festival, celebrated in March-April. `Swasti Vachanam' recited by Vedic pandits, initiated by Natesa Dikshitar of those days and used to be one of the highlights during this festival.
Thiruvalangadu is a town in Kuthalam taluk of Nagapattinam district. It is situated on the Mayiladuthurai – Kumbakonam road. It is situated between Aduthurai and Kuthalam at a distance of about 25 kms from Kumbakonam and 13 kms from Mayiladuthurai. This Temple can be reached by regular buses from Kumbakonam. Nearest Railway Station is located at Mayiladuthurai and Nearest Airport Station is located at Trichy.


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Online information about this temple in the Alangadu located between Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai is very rare. The efforts of the author are very appreciable. One small error: this is not the place where Karaikkal Ammaiyar attained salvation. That Thiruvalangadu is located between Chennai-Thiruvallur and is very well known.

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Thanks for pointing out mistakes. Corrected as per your feedback

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