Sunday, February 26, 2017

Servalar Dam, Papanasam, Thirunelveli

Servalar Dam, Papanasam, Thirunelveli
Servalar Reservoir is constructed across Servalar River. This is also a Masonry Gravity Dam of 450 m long and 53 m high. The reservoir has a storage capacity of 1,225 Mcft. The Power House at the reservoir will have an installed capacity of 20 MW. The Papanasam and Servalar reservoirs are interconnected by a tunnel of 10,886 feet long. 

This dam site is noted for its salubrious climate and atmosphere. This dam is gaining popularity as a popular tourist spot among the people which was once only visited by people from nearby places. The amazing surroundings and the climate of the place make it a more preferable tourist spot. The heavy rains in the monsoon period restrict the tourist activities. Nature is at its best during the winter months.

Servalar Dam is located at about 15 Kms Vickramasingapuram, 68 Kms from Thirunelveli, 24 Kms from Ambasamudram, 12 Kms from Papanasam, 228 Kms from Madurai and 153 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram. Nearest Railway Station is located at Ambasamudram and Nearest Airport is located at Madurai and Thiruvananthapuram.

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