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Mahaveerar Jain Temple, Kilvillivalam, Thiruvannamalai

Mahaveerar Jain Temple, Kilvillivalam, Thiruvannamalai
Mahaveerar Jain Temple is located Kilvillivalam (Keezhvillivanam) Village located at about 9 Kms southeast of Vandavasi town. The Temple is facing south. Sanctum has stone idol of Mahaveerar with tri-umbrella and located on the plinth. Sanctum is crowned by two tier vimana has four Thirthankars with chamara maids at the bottom and four same style idols at the top tier also. A beautiful shikhara and Kalasha were on the peak.

Arthamandapam consists of center platform with White marble statue of Mahavira and some metal statues for daily pooja purpose. On the eastern side a Stone carved idol of Shri Adhinathar is located. To the Western side, metal alloy idols of Thirthankars necessary for rituals, Navadevatha, panchapameshti, Sruthaskandam, Nantheeswara Deepam, mahameru, Sidhaparameshti and Yaksha, Yakshis were arranged on platforms. 

The Temple has a Mahamandapam, Mugamandapam and with Dwalabalagars cement statue on the doorway of Arthamandapam and closed with iron grill doors for security purpose. In the open corridor, an altar and Manasthampam with four Thirthankars carvings at the bottom and four at the top with glass panel are constructed by cement mortar.

The Temple is surrounded by walls on all sides. Both sides of the entrance, porches were built. East side got three shrines of Shri Brahmadevar, Shri Dharmadevi, Shri Padmavathy stone statues. At the end of corridor a Navagraha idol platform is also built inside the Jinalaya.   

All poojas and rituals, especially daily pooja, Nantheeswara pooja, Mukkudai for a month, Vidhan pooja for all Thirthankars Janma, moksha days, and Shri Mahaveerar Jayanthi urchavam are celebrated in this Temple with much fanfare.

The Temple is located at about 9 Kms from Vandavasi, 32 Kms from Melmaruvathur, 54 Kms from Arani and 50 Kms from Kanchipuram. Nearest Railway Station is located at Melmaruvathur and Nearest Airport is located at Chennai.

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