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Pesum Perumal Temple, Koozhampandal – Festivals

Pesum Perumal Temple, Koozhampandal – Festivals
The rituals and festivals of this temple are conducted according to the Vaikhanasa Agama. Tamil New year day falling almost on April 14; Vaikasi Visakam in May-June with Garuda Seva of 15 villages; Aadi Pooram in July-August; Sri Krishna Jayanthi in August-September; Deepavali in October-November; Vishnu Karthikai Deepam in November-December; Vaikunda Ekadasi and Koodaravalli in December-January; Hanuman Jayanthi, English New Year Day; 3 day Pongal in January and Ratha Sapthami in January-February, Masi Magam with 108 Go Pujas-pujas with 108 cows; Panguni Uthiram wedding festival and Sri Rama Navami in March-April are the festivals celebrated in the temple.
Every month on Saturdays and on Tiruvonam Nakshatram, in the early morning, special Tirumanjanam is performed for the deity. A grand Garuda Sevai festival is being celebrated from the past two years as an initiative taken by the ‘Koozhampandal’ village people along with the participation of other invited villages, close to Perunagar River. It was told that Pesum Perumal of Koozhampandal, being the host, gives special homage to each of his guests from other villages with the exchange of Deepam, coconut and cloth. The festival starts in the evening from each of the villages with a Chariot procession of their respective Perumal through the village streets blessing the devotees at their door-step.
The participant villages are from both the sides of Perunagar River. Each of these processions ends up at Mandapams on both sides of the river- each having their own separate Mandapams. The Battacharyas of the respective temple then do the Abishekam and Alankaram of Perumal that will continue till late night. Early in the morning all the Chariots with Perumaals are dragged by the devotees to the sand-bed of river where they are placed in a circular pattern. After this the Deeparadhana is performed. Later Pesum Perumal of Koozhampandal visits each of his guests offering homage. Then the Chariots return back to their respective temples.
Koodaravalli festival is celebrated in the temple in December-January in a specially built tent with fruits, vegetables and cosmetic herbals and flowers. Sri Andal graces the tent and blesses the devotees. Tiruppavai hymns – authored by Sri Andal are recited. This is celebrated for the benefit of devotees to realize their wedding boon, education, prosperity and business development. Any devotee undertaking fasting, charity, homas and remedial worships and pujas for the removal of adverse situations in life, reap thousand fold benefits, it is believed.  People’s faith in Perumal is boundless. 

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