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Thiruvilanji Kumarar Temple, Ilanji – Legends

Thiruvilanji Kumarar Temple, Ilanji – Legends
Divine wedding of Lord Shiva with Mother Parvathi:
To attend the divine wedding of Lord Shiva with Mother Parvathi, sages and others went to Mount Kailash in north. The earth went down due to the collective weight of the attendees. Sage Agasthya was asked by Lord Shiva to go south to balance the ground level. But he had to miss the wedding darshan. Lord promised the sage to grant him not only the wedding darshan but also of his dance darshan. Agasthya came to Kuttralam to worship Lord for the darshan boon. 
He found a Vishnu temple in the shape of a conch and was denied entrance into the temple. The sage came to Ilanji and prayed to Kumara-Muruga to help him in getting the darshan. As suggested by Kumara, Sage Agasthiyar made two lingams out of white sand available in the region, which was then converted into one.
Agasthya performed his worship to Linga. This white Linga is praised as Iruvaluka Nayaka, meaning ‘made by respected Sage Agasthya’. The sage then came back to Kuttralam in the guise of a Vaishnava and made Lord Vishnu as Lord Shiva. Thus Ilanji Kumara helped the sage to have the darshan of Lord Shiva. Lord Vinayaka in the temple is praised as Shenbaga Vinayaka.
Muruga appeared as Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma to the Sages:
Three great sages Kashyapa son of Lord Brahmma, Kabila with the attributes of Lord Vishnu and Durvasa with the attributes of Lord Parameswara met at Thiri Koodachala and discussed some great philosophies to decide what ultimate reality was.  Kabila insisted that Lord Vishnu was the ultimate reality while Kashyapa and Durvasa insisted that it was Brahmma and Rudra respectively. Sage Durvasa approached Lord Muruga for a final verdict on the issue.
Lord Muruga appeared before them as an alluring youth and said, “I alone create as Brahmma, protect as Vishnu and destroy as Shiva.”  He appeared before them as Lords Brahmma, Vishnu and Shiva and said that he decided the past, present and the future. The sages prayed that he should stay in this place and impart wisdom to devotees. Granting their wish Lord Muruga chose this place and is blessing devotees.
Indra worshipped here:
Indira the king of Devas worshipped here.  

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