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Adhi Rathneswarar Temple, Thiruvadanai, Ramanathapuram

Adhi Rathneswarar Temple, Thiruvadanai, Ramanathapuram

Adhi Rathneswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Thiruvadanai Town in Thiruvadanai Taluk in Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu. Presiding Deity is called as Adhi Rathneswarar / Aadanai Nathar / Aja Gajeswarar and Mother is called as Snehavalli / Ambayiravalli.

The temple is considered as one of the shrines of the 276 Paadal Petra Sthalams (Shiva Sthalams) glorified in the early medieval Thevaram poems by Tamil Saivite Nayanar Tirugnanasambandar. This temple is considered as 253rd Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 9th sthalam in Pandya Nadu. Lord Muruga in the temple is praised in the Thirupugazh hymns of saint Arunagirinathar.


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The Temple is believed to be built by Pandya Kings. There are about four inscriptions available in this Temple. Two inscriptions are dated to Pandya King Sundara Pandya. The temple is under the control of Ramanathapuram Rajah’s family.

The Temple

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Temple Opening Time

The temple remains open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon and from 4.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.


10 days Vaikasi Visaka Vasantha Utsavam (summer festival) in May–June, 15 days Aadi Pooram in July–August, Navaratri in September–October, Karthikai in November–December and Vinayagar Chathurthi in the month of Avani (August–September) are the festivals celebrated here. Monthly pradoshams are also observed here.

Literary Mention

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Devotees pray to Lord Adhi Rathneswarar for relief from the evil effects of past deeds. Snehavalli Ambal is considered as the deity for planet Sukra (Venus). Hence people come here for issues connected with Sukra in their horoscopes. Special Shukra (Venus planet) Homas are performed on Mother for child boon. Those under planet Shukra’s main or sub-periods are advised to pray to Mother in this temple. Those consulting Nadi astrology in Thiruvannamalai and Vaitheeswaran Koil come to this temple to perform the remedial pujas.


Adhi Rathneswarar Temple,

Thiruvadanai – 623 407

Ramanathapuram District

Phone: +91 4561 254 533


The Temple is located at about 200 meters from Thiruvadanai Bus Stand, 13 Kms from Thondi, 25 Kms from Devakottai, 34 Kms from Kalayarkoil, 41 Kms from Karaikudi Railway Station, 43 Kms from Karaikudi, 52 Kms from Sivaganga Railway Station, 54 Kms from Ramanathapuram and 104 Kms from Madurai Airport. The Temple is situated on Madurai to Thondi Route. Buses from Karaikudi and Devakottai to Thondi passes through Thiruvadanai. Buses from Madurai to Thondi also passes through Thiruvadanai.