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Karaimel Azhagar Ayyanar Temple, Kanadukathan, Sivaganga

Karaimel Azhagar Ayyanar Temple, Kanadukathan, Sivaganga
Karaimel Azhagar Ayyanar Temple is dedicated to local village deity Ayyanar located at Kanadukathan village in Sivaganga District. The Temple is called as Sri Poorna Pushkala Ambal Sammedha Hariharapudhra Maha Saastha Sri Karaimel Azhagar Ayyanar. It was believed that Ayyanar is the next incarnation of Lord Ayyappan of Sabari Malai. Parivara Theivangal in this Temple is similar to Sabarimalai.

There was a hear say that Kanadu Kathan, Sri Sathappa Chettiyar’s  family members passed through this place with their daughter, the lady  went for outside and she did not turned up after a long time.  
When she was called a voice (அசரீரி) was heard as “I had joined with Karuppar (நான் கருப்பனுடன் கலந்து விட்டேன்)”.  After that Sri Ayyanar has become the Kula Theivam for these people. Annual festivals are regularly conducted. Chettiyars used tonsured their first sons or daughters in this temple.
Ayyanar is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Sri Ayyapan (who was born to Lord Shiva and Vishnu) married Poornakala and Pushpakala and stayed in this temple to bless the Nagarathars as Kaval Theivam. Some of the miracles happened here was the thieves who entered in to this temple have lost their eye sight.
Ayyanar was once in the midst of thorny bush and a thatched shed was constructed by the 5 sons of Ayangudi Vellayan Chettiyar. After 200 years, a stone temple was re – constructed.
The Temple
Presiding deity is called as Ayyanar and Mothers are Poornakala and Pushpakala. The temple is facing east with a thirukulam on the south side. Moolavar is in sitting posture with a lotus on one hand. Kanadukathan Sri Sathappa Chettiyar’s statue is in mandapam, whose predecessors had done the construction of this temple.

In parakaram, Sannadhi for Nondi Karuppar, Pechiamman, Paramanur Kali, Periya Karuppar, Chinna Karuppar, 18m padi Karuppar, Pechi Muthamman, Akora Veerapathirar, Saptha maathakkal, Muneeswarar, Arasu Mukam, Sannasi (Sanyasi or a munivar) and Bairavar are located.

Balipeedam with vahanam Elephant are in the mandapam. Dwarapalakars are in sudhai installed at the entrance of the temple. Sudhai Horse with sirpangal is located at the left side of the main temple entrance. It is believed that this Ayyanar is Kula Theivam for Kanadukathan Nattukkottai Nagarathars and also for Madurai Melur Naavinipatti, Valladappatti, Kottakkudi, and Attadaippatti.

Once these people lived in Surakkudi about 300 years before and moved to Melur. This was disclosed by Sri Ayyanar himself came on priests (அருள் வாக்கு) at the time of performing the Kumbhabhishekam. Madurai Melur people also contributed for development of this temple.
Religious Practices
The priests are non – Brahmins (Velalars - Kuyavars – mud pot manufacturers). Goats and Cocks are offered to Ayyanar. Now the temple is under the control of a Trust headed by Sri Dr. AC Muthiah, a leading industrialist of South India.
This Temple is located at a distance of 1 Km from Kanadukathan. Nearest Railway Station is located at Karaikudi and Madurai. Nearest Airport is located at Madurai.