Friday, August 19, 2016

Thiruthalinathar Temple, Thiruputhur – Greatness of Temple

Thiruthalinathar Temple, Thiruputhur – Greatness of Temple
Hiranyakshan, a staunch Shiva devotee had two sons Andhakasura and Sambasura. Though they were Shiva devotees, they harassed the Devas who sought asylum at the feet of the Lord.  Lord Shiva with his Viswaroopa killed Andhakasura and Sambasura. This form of Shiva is called as Bhairava. Though he killed the evil demons, as killing is a sin, to relieve himself of this dosha, Bhairava performed Shivalinga Puja in the temple. 
He is worshipped as Yoga Bhairava. Devotees dress him with white silk vastras. He does not have his dog vahana as he graces here in Yoga form. Those unable to visit specific Navagraha temples may seek relief in this temple worshipping Yoga Bhairava. He is also praised as Aabath Dharana Bhairava as he rushes to the rescue of his devotees when in danger. 
On Ashtami days – 8th day of new moon and full moon fortnights, devotees worship here with cosmetic items. A one day festival is dedicated to Lord Yoga Bhairava on the first day of Chithirai falling almost on April 14.  He comes in procession on Horse vahana.  Ashta Bhairava Yajna is performed for six days during the Champaka Sashti festival in Karthikai-November-December. This is an important event in the temple.

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