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Kannudayanayaki Amman Temple, Nattarasankottai, Sivaganga – Festivals

Kannudayanayaki Amman Temple, Nattarasankottai, Sivaganga – Festivals
The Pujas in the temple are performed by Uvachar dynasty belonging to the Parasaiva community. The hoisting of the flag for the Brahmotsavam festival begins in the presence of Sivacharyas and Sri Vaishnava Battacharyas according to Agama (procedure) rules. This is 10 day festival in Vaikasi (May-June). 10 day Aipasi (October-November) Kolattam festival, 10 day Thailakappu festival in Thai (January-February) and the Tuesday (Sevvai) festival are very famous.
48 days Kaliyatta Vizha is celebrated once in 12 years. During these days, Goddess graces from two houses in the form of paintings on the walls. Kaliyatta Kannudaya Nayaki graces in a sitting form in a silver chariot with 8 hands on the Swati Star day in the month of Vaikasi (May-June). It is a procession of pleasing royal elegance. 10 day Mulaikottu festival is celebrated in Adi month (July-August). The seeds are sown in 9 earthen bowls and 1 golden bowl.
The golden bowl is carried by the deity Adi Poornima day in a grand procession in the morning. 10 day Navarathri festival is celebrated in Purattasi (September-October). After 9 days celebrations in the temple, on the 10th day, Vijayadasami day, Goddess comes in procession on a horse Vahana-vehicle. During the Navarathri festivals, Laksharchanai (performing archanas chanting the glory of the Goddess with one lakh names) are performed.
On the Tirukarthika day, Mother Kannudaya Nayaki graces the devotees in a procession on the Swan Vahana. The Chokkapanai is burnt that day. This is a tall post covered by palm leaves, lighting a lamp at the top. After lighting this top lamp, the Chokkapanai is burnt from the bottom. Mavilakku, flour made offering for the Goddess is offered by the devotees to appease her and to get her blessings. Vaikasi Visakam festival, celebrated for 10 days, is famous for the temple and on the 8th day, the Goddess in the form of Kaliatta Kannathal decorated by 'Kazhuthu Uru' (a Nagarathar Ornament) is taken in the silver adorned chariot around the temple.
Also Amman is taken in Golden chariot on 7th day on and Wooden Chariot on 9th day. On 10th day night the function is called as "Mosa kuthu"(Muyal-Rabbit in English) one rabbit will be killed by using the long knife by Poosari every year on this 10th day. Crowd of people will be there in the particular place to see this function. Special government buses ply during these days from Madurai. The temple is famous for its architectural marvel and Golden Kumbhams over the Temple tower. Kaliattam, a festival celebrated once in 12 years was celebrated in 1996 with much pomp and pageantry.
The first 'Kumbabishekam' (Consecration of the temple) took place on September 12, 1938, the second on September 6, 1976 and the third on May 1, 1989 and also last Kumbabishekam was on 2005. The temple is efficiently managed by the village Nagarathars. 'Sevvai Pongal' during the Tamil month Thai, is a festival that is celebrated by Nagarathars of this village, during which tickets will be pooled and drawn and based on that places near the temple are allotted to all the Nagarathar families for making Pongal. Non-Nagarathars also contribute a lot to this festival.
There are many temples in Nattarasankottai of which a Sivan temple is also famous. Ashtami Thiruvizha and Sivarathri are the famous festivals of this temple. In addition that Nattarasankottai has lot of temples is covered this town like Ayyappan, Sivan, Perumal, Hanuman, Ramar, many marriammans etc.

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