Friday, August 19, 2016

Shanmughanathar Temple, Kunnakudi, Karaikudi – Prayers

Shanmughanathar Temple, Kunnakudi, Karaikudi – Prayers
This is the most important shrine in Tamilnadu for submitting our prayers to the Lord.  A sincere worship in the temple ensures the devotee a healthy life free from illness, freedom from various problems, child boon, longevity, education, prosperity, high yields in farms.  Kundrakudi Kavadi is very famous.  While mentioning anything impossible, a proverb goes, “It will not be possible though one carries Kundrakudi Kavadi”.  It means indirectly that carrying Kundrakudi Kavadi would never let down the believer.   
Carrying Kavadi, milk pots, observing Sashti fasting, men rolling around the prakara (Anga pradakshinam) Adi pradakshina (step by step walking around the prakara) by women are the prayer commitments followed by devotees. They offer pepper and salt in Saravana Poigai and in Idumban shrine for remedy from skin diseases.
Farmers contribute grains as their commitment. They also spill rice in the steps. People also donate cocks and cattle. Devotees perform Shanmugha Archana, Shanmugha Homa, observe Kruthika fasting, donate for renovation and do poor feeding.

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