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Javadi Hills – Trekking

Javadi Hills – Trekking
There is a trekking trail from Jamanamarathur to Amirthi Forest, which is worth the risk that has to be taken. There are other trails also and they pass through grassy knolls and lovely little villages. In the thick of green forest, not more than 100 kms north east of Thiruvannamalai is Jawadhu Hills (Javadhu Hills), an intriguing trekking destination of the Eastern Ghats. The vistas you enter as you trek to the peak have a balm-like serenity about them. Day in and day out, silent streams flow through their rocky banks as a serpentine trail teases trekkers. Easy as this trail may be, you are trekking in altitudes in the range of 2350 feet to 3500 feet above sea level.

The Bheeman Maduvu Falls is a spectacular sight that you simply must not miss while trekking through the hills of Jawadhu. It can be found only 5 kms away from Jamunamarathur. Compared to most other water bodies in the area, these falls flow for most part of the year (eight months), and you can enjoy a leisurely swim in its natural pools. 

It is extremely accessible by a short three-hour drive from Chennai. In all, it encompasses nearly 250 villages and hamlets. Roads are not a regular or common feature; however, you are never left stranded without a trail. With an easily identifiable trail that forms a sort of skeletal mode of transport for the people of these hamlets to get by, trekking here is a somber yet fulfilling experience.

The villagers continue to use granaries that are eco-friendly and live among their flock and cattle, having wholly submitted themselves to Mother Nature in terms of lifestyle. Keep a keen eye out and you'll find that there is a lot to be learnt from the friendly folk of Jawadhu Hills.

The entire expedition of trekking in these hills should not take you more than two days to complete. Throughout these couple of days, you will be trekking on the fringes of unexplored hill ridges. If you are at a loss as to how and where to begin, just follow the stream.

The sequence in which the distinct landscapes of this trek will appear is– river, jungle and finally the rocky hills. Through some of these rock cliffs, rapid waterfalls tumble down creating pools in which you can laze about. Some waterfalls plunge from as high as 30 meters. You can also try a bit of rock climbing on the crags of Javadhu.

The entire time you are trekking in Jawadhu Hills, tall hill peaks rise, and disappear as you leave their side. A stone dam rests in the far distance. Enraptured by the jungle's silence or delivered into an ultimate twitter of birds, Jawadhu is a peaceful trail worth exploring when in the Eastern Ghats.

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