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Karpaka Vinayakar Temple (Pillaiyar Patti Pillaiyar Temple), Thiruppatthur – Festivals

Karpaka Vinayakar Temple (Pillaiyar Patti Pillaiyar Temple), Thiruppatthur – Festivals
The 10 day annual Vinayakar Chathurthi festival is observed here during August – September. On the 9th day of Vinayaka Chathurthi, Desi Vinayakar is covered with about 80 kg of sandal wood paste (Santha-na-kappu). Another ten day festival in honor of Kongu Nachiyamman, a village deity whose processional image is housed in the temple, is celebrated in the month of Vaikasi (May - June). Margazhi Thiruvathirai Festival is also held here in honor of Lord Nataraja and Sivakami during December - January.
During all monthly Chathurthi days, Lord Vinayaka is taken in procession mounted on the Mooshikha Vahanam around the temple. He also comes in procession on the Tirukarthikai Deepam day in November-December with Lord Chandrasekhara and Mother Umadevi. Chokkapanai will be burnt in the shrines of Lord Vinayaka and Marudangudi Nayanar.
Vinayagar Chathurthi:
Vinayagar Chathurthi celebrated every year on Aavani is the important festival of this village. The birthday of Lord Ganesha is celebrated with pomp and splendor at the village of Pillayarpatti with celebrations extending over 10 days. The festival will begin with Kappukattu and flag hoisting on the first day, cultural programmes are conducted from 6th day onwards. During the day and night, Lord Vinayaga is taken around in procession through the streets where he is seated in different vahanams every day.
This festival begins 9 days earlier with flag hoisting. The ninth day of the festival is slated by a chariot procession. Theerthavari is celebrated on the 10th day. During the midday puja, a preparation called Kozhukkattai in Tamil in a big size is offered as nivedhana. Five Gods come in procession on gold and silver Vahanas at night.

1st day
Silver Mushika Vahanam
2nd day
Simma Vahanam
3rd day
Boodha Vahanam
4th day
Kamala Vahanam
5th day
Siver Rishaba Vahanam
6th day
Silver Elephant Vahanam upto Kagamugasura Samkaram and then in Golden Bandicoot Vahanam
7th day
Silver Peacock Vahanam
8th day
Horse Vahanam
9th day
Car, Elephant Vahanam
10th day
Theerthavari will be celebrated in the morning. During night the Procession of five Lords seated in silver and golden Vahanam will take place.