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Kumarakottam Temple, Kanchipuram

Kumarakottam Temple, Kanchipuram
The Kumarakottam Temple is a Hindu temple in Kanchipuram, India. It is dedicated to Murugan, the Hindu war god and the son of the god Shiva and his wife Parvati. The temple is also known as the Subramanyam Swamy Temple. The ancient temple was rebuilt in its present form in 1915. This Temple is located in Kanchipuram, one of India's seven "moksha-puris" or sacred cities where salvation may be obtained.

It is just half a kilometer to the northwest of the bus stand, on the west Raja Street at the north end of which is the Sankara Matham and at the south end is the Kachabeswarar Temple. A noteworthy feature is that all the deities of Kanchipuram, when they come out in procession during festivals pass before Kumara Kottam Temple invariably. Arunagirinathar, who authored the 'Thirupugazh' in praise of Lord Muruga, has composed the Thirupugazh song 'Arivilappittar' eulogizing Lord Muruga presiding over this temple.

The location of the Kumara Kottam Temple between Ekambareswarar Temple and Kamakshi Amman Temple reminds devotees of the Somaskanda form in which Muruga sits in between Parvati and Parameswara. The clean upkeep of this temple and the devout pujas performed by the priests are commendable features. The picturesque paintings on the walls of the temple in the inner periphery around the sanctum area rare treat to the eyes of devotees.

The Subramanyar here was worshipped by Sage Agasthiar. Though this is a Murugan temple, Lord Shiva as Arunachaleswarar with Abitha Kuchalambal and Sarabeswarar (in a pillar) are also present. Kanda Puranam in praise of Lord Muruga was composed by the saintly scholar Kachiappa Sivachariyar in Kandapuranam Mandapam located in this Temple.

Kumara Kottam temple has a separate shrine for Lord Vishnu called as Urugum Ulla Perumal. Six worship services are carried out each day here. The annual festival is celebrated here in the month of Vaikasi (as with the Varadaraja perumal temple in Chinna Kanchi) and Skanda Sashti in the Tamil month of Aippasi.

The Kumarakottam temple is located on the main Raja Street. It is said to form a cluster with Ekambareswarar Temple and the Kamakshi Amman Temple but each temple has its own liturgical identity. The Murugan temple is located between the temples of his parents – the Ekambareswarar Temple dedicated to Shiva & the Kamakshi Amman Temple dedicated to Kamakshi, an aspect of Parvati. Symbolically, this setting represents the iconography of Somaskanda, an aspect of Shiva where he is depicted with Murugan and Parvati. The child Murugan is depicted seated between his parents. This representation led to the cult of Somaskanda. All temples in Kanchipuram are stated to belong to one extended family.

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The Tamil version of Skanda Purana (the story of Lord Subramanya/ Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva) was composed by the saint scholar Kachiappa Sivachariyar in this temple. Another highlight of the temple is that the famous 'Thirupugazh' was composed by Arunagirinathar in praise of Lord Murugan in this temple. The temple belongs to Chola period.

The Temple
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The Temple is open from 7.00 am to 12.00 noon - 3.30 pm to 8.00 pm.
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