Friday, August 26, 2016

Kumarakottam Temple, Kanchipuram – Religious Significance

Kumarakottam Temple, Kanchipuram – Religious Significance
The temple legend in the Kandapuranam – the Tamil version of the Skanda Purana which is mainly devoted to Murugan (also known as Skanda or Kanda) – states that Murugan had imprisoned the creator – Brahma here for the latter's ignorance of Om, the Sanskrit single syllable mantra which is sacred in Hinduism and himself assumed the role of the creator in this place. However, Murugan's father Shiva had ordered him to release Brahma.
When Murugan realized his mistake in not obeying his father’s instruction, he did penance before a Linga (the aniconic symbol of Shiva), which subsequently was worshipped by the name of Devasenapatisar, literally, the Lord who was worshipped by Devasenpathi (an epithet of Murugan as the commander-in-chief of the gods).
In another version it is said that the penitent Brahma is said to have been released by Shiva after he worshipped Murugan after learning his lessons in humility. The temple is one of the 21 major temples in Kanchipuram and is an important pilgrimage centre. Saint Arunagirinathar has sung hymns in praise of the Murugan icon of the temple.

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