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Neminathar Jain Temple, Nelliyangulam, Thiruvannamalai

Neminathar Jain Temple, Nelliyangulam, Thiruvannamalai
Neminathar Jain Temple is located at Nelliyangulam Village in Thiruvannamalai District of Tamilnadu. Nelliyangulam is located at about 12 Kms southeast of Vandavasi town (nearby Kilvillivalam). The Temple has south facing entranceway and open corridor is surrounded by high walls on all sides. Shri Neminathar, single stone carved statue with eight features of Samavasaran Thirthankar is located on the rear section, the Thirthankar figure and three tier pedestals are in protruded form, embraces upon the sanctum plinth.

It was crowned by two tier vimana has two Thirthankars in sitting posture and four in standing on each directions, (totally twenty four) and shikhara with padmam and Kalasha on the top. In the partitioned sanctum metal idols are placed on both side of aisle.

The Arthamandapam is supported by round shaped pillars, seems to be very old design of art, and consists of platforms with metal idols and daily pooja statues, typically the Thirthankar idols; 24 Thirthankar cluster, 14 cluster of Rishbh-Anantha, 9 cluster of Navargaha; Bhagavan Bahubali, Navadevatha, Panchaparameti, Sruthaskandam, Nantheeswara Deepam, Mahameru and Yaksha, Yakshis are arranged beautifully.  

In front, a Mahamandapam supported by square pillars has Shri Rishabhar, Shri Mahaveerar engravings and wall paintings display the history of Thirthankars. The three chambers are secured tightly by iron rod gates. Next a Mugamandapam porch is in front of the temple vedi block. Apart from, two porches are built on both sides of the Main entranceway connected by over roof.

On the east side 24 Thirthankar metal idols with prabha are arranged on a high platform, in front of that Shri Parswanathar, Shri Brahmadevar, and Shri Dharmadevi stone statues are established upon pedestals.  Daily pooja, Nantheeswara pooja, Mukkudai for 30 days, special poojas on Moksha day of all 24 Thirthankars, Akshaya thirithiyai day, Shri Rishabhadevar urchavam, Kanumpongal day, Shri Kooshmandini urchavam are celebrated.

Nelliyangulam is located at about 12 Kms southeast of Vandavasi town. It is located at about 30 Kms from Melmaruvathur, 60 Kms from Arani and 53 Kms from Kanchipuram. Nearest Railway Station is located at Melmaruvathur and Nearest Airport is located at Chennai.

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