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Mahaveerar Jain Temple, Thennathur, Thiruvannamalai

Mahaveerar Jain Temple, Thennathur, Thiruvannamalai
Mahaveerar Jain Temple is located at Thennathur Village in Thiruvannamalai District of Tamilnadu. Thennathur is located at about 22 Kms southwest of Vandavasi, 16 Kms southeast of Chetpet near to the Madam, Solaiarugavur and Esakulathur villages. It is also located adjacent to the historical Seeyamangalam cave temple. The sanctum area belongs to Seeyamangalam village administration and the remaining is in Thennathur area. So the two structures are not in line of alignment.

The open corridor of the temple is surrounded by a wall and entrance gate in the eastside. Two Carvings of Parswanathar in standing posture is located in the entranceway. A temple-cart shed is built on the outside of the entry. The main Vedi-block was constructed with two altars. Shri Mahaveerar Thirthankar, a stone plate with eight features carving, is established upon a plinth. It belongs to several centuries ago by no-lanchan carving.   

It was crowned by two tiers Vimana, Shikhara and Kalasha on the top. The two stages consist of four Thirthankar idols on four directions. Arthamandapam contains three platforms, the center one is for Daily pooja statue of Arihanthar, on either side the metal idols of 72 Thirthankars cluster, 24 Thirthankars cluster, 14 Rishbh-Anantha cluster, Navadevatha, Panchaparameshti, Mahameru, Nantheeswara dheebha model, Yaksha and Yakshis are arranged orderly.

In addition to the metal idols, marble Munisuvirat, Stone carving of Shri Parswanathar, Navadevatha were also there. The three tiered 24 Thirthankars in 72 Jinar model is unique one. Two Dwalabalagar stone sculptures are installed either side of aisle in the Mahamandapam. A Mugamandapam with tight secured iron gates also lies in the block.

All Jain pooja and rituals like Daily pooja, Nantheeswara pooja, Mukkudai pooja and Navarathri rituals are conducted regularly. A festival for Shri Parswanathar has been celebrated on the last day of Navarathri every year. Contact: + 91 8681842740.

Thennathur is located at about 22 Kms southwest of Vandavasi, 16 Kms southeast of Chetpet, 39 Kms from Thindivanam and 65 Kms from Thiruvannamalai. Nearest Railway Station is located at Thindivanam and Nearest Airport is located at Chennai.

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