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Valvil Rama Temple, Thirupullabhoothangudi, Thanjavur

Valvil Rama Temple, Thirupullabhoothangudi, Thanjavur 
Valvil Rama Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu located in Pullabhoothangudi, Tamilnadu, India. It is one of the "Divya Desams", the 108 temples of Vishnu revered by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars. The Lord of this sacred place has been worshipped by Rama, Jadayu and others. The Lord here is in ‘Bhujanga Sayanam’ facing east under the ‘Shobana Vimanam’ and bestows his blessings.

Located just under 10kms West of Kumbakonam and 3kms off Swami Malai on the Thiruvaikavoor road between Cauvery and Coleroon rivers is the Valvil Rama temple in Pullam Bhoothangudi, a Divya Desam whose legendary tale dates back to Ramayana and described above by Thiru Mangai Azhvaar in his Periya Tirumozhi verse. This is the only Divya Desam where Rama is seen with conch and chakra in a Bhujanga Sayanam Posture.

Meeting with Parasuramar:
Sriman Narayanan showed Prathyaksham for himself. Chakravarthy Thirumagan, Sri Ramar born as and brought up as an ordinary human being, he met his moola avathaar (Previous avathaar) Parasuramar. He minimized or reduced the Head weight of Parasuramar and made war with him and finally got his friendship and his blessings.
The primary moral of this is if how big and powerful man you may be, we must give respect and should not be trapped inside Maya.
Rama’s presence at Pullam Bhoothangudi:
The story goes that Rama, in search of Sita, arrives in Pullabhoothangudi to the cries of the Eagle King Jadayu, who was in his last breath.
The Eagle King, an old friend of King Dasaratha (father of Rama) had fought a valiant battle trying to rescue Sita from Ravana, before the Lankan king finally cut off both the wings of the fighting bird. Lying in pain and unable to fly any further, the bird breathed its last uttering the words “ Rama Rama” and informing him that Sita had been taken away by Ravana.
Pithru Saabha Nivarthi:
To all of the human beings in the world, our parents are the prime most and the first person to be worshipped. Since, he was held in the forest, when King Dasaratha was dead, he could not do the final funeral to his father. But, keeping Jadayu in his father's place, he did the final funeral to him as what he could have done to his father, King Dasaratha.
The final funeral of Jadayu was done under Punnai tree. When Ravana abducted Seetha and carried her, the King of the eagles Jadayu fought with him.  Ravana smashed him with his sword and Jadayu lay half-dead moaning ‘Rama, Rama’. Hearing this feeble moaning, Rama and Lakshmana who were crossing that area went near and saw the dying bird.  Jadayu breathed his last after informing them about Ravana’s abduction of Seetha.  The sorrow-stricken Rama wanted to perform the funeral rites to Jadayu.  The rule is, when such rites are performed, the wife should be present.  Since Seetha was not there, Rama wholeheartedly thought of her.  At once, Bhooma Devi, Seetha’s image appeared to help Rama.  Rama with her help conducted the funeral rites for Jadayu. Reminiscent of this incident, this temple was erected.
Legend has it that Rama, who had not been able to perform the last rites for his father as he was away in the forest, derived some consolation by performing Jatayu's obsequies and giving moksham to the Bird. In the Ramayana, this episode is referred to as the death of the second father. It is believed that those who failed to perform last rites for their father (parents) will get liberation from their ‘parental curse’ (Pithru Saabham Nivarthi) if they visit this temple.
While performing the last rites, Raama felt the absence of Sita. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi came out of the Golden Lotus temple tank to stand by his side while he performed the last rites for the bird. Hence, Thaayar at this temple is called Potraamaraiyaal.
Etymology of this place:
Since, the Lord does the final ceremony for Jadayu, the Eagle belongs to the pull family (One king of bird family) and after finishing the ceremony, he takes rest. So this Shetram is called as "Pullam Kudi". Kudi means the place of staying in Tamil.
Prathyaksham for Kiruthra Rajan & Sri Rama:
Likewise, after finishing all the final funeral for Jadayu, when Rama was taking rest, Kiruthrajan, when doing tapas keeping Emberuman in his heart and mind, Valvil Raman arised in front of him in Bhujanga Sayanam. Since, the Theertham which purified Kiruthrarajan, the theertham here is called "Kiruthra theertham".
Sri Rama along with Sangu and Chakkaram and Bhoomi Pirattiyaar Prathyaksham for the king and explained him that he is Sriman Narayanan. Likewise, he gave Prathyaksham for Sri Ramar along with Sangu, Chakkaram and Bhoomi Pirattiyaar with 4 (Chathur) bhujam (hand).
Thiru Mangai Azhvaar misses Rama's presence:
Thirumangai, who passed this way, found a person relaxing in a sleeping posture under the tree, and walked away mistaking him for a Kshatriya. On turning back, he found Raama in his ‘Full Divine Form’- with Conch- Disc and four hands.
Thirumangai refers to this episode in his Periya Thiru Mozhi Pasuram on Pullam Bhoothangudi:
அறிவதறியான் அணைத்து உலகும் உடையான் 
என்னை யாழ் உடையான் 
குரிய மானி யாருவாய, 
கூத்தன் மன்னி யமிருமிடம் 
நறிய மலர்மேல் சுரும் பார்க்க 
எழிலார் மஞ் னஞ நடமாட 
பொறிகொள் சிறை வண்டிசை பாடும் 
புள்ளம் பூதங்குடி தானே.

This is the only temple where Raama is in a reclining posture with all his ornaments and 4 hands. Sita is not seen with the Moolavar deity as this temple relates to the time when Raama is separated from her.
Temple Speciality
Generally, Sri Rama graces us in the standing posture. But, in this holy place, He appears in the lying posture.

The Temple
The temple has a small shrine with Vimanam and 3-tier Rajagopuram. It is located in Pullabhoothangudi, a small village, 8 km away from Kumbakonam and 1 km from Thiru Aadanoor Temple. The temple tank is located north of the temple. The gleaming kalasams, Dhwajasthambham and Balipeetham of the Pullabhoothangudi temple welcome the devotee. There is one Brindavan which belong to Ahobilam mutt here for 19th Jeeyar, Sri Maha Desikan.

After 1 1/2 Km. from here, is a small village, Mandanggudi which is the birth place of Thondar Adi Podi Alwar. One of the five sacred things, Earth, Bhoomi Pirattiyaar gives Seva along with Sri Rama as Narayanan in Nindra Thirukkolam. Because of this reason this Shetram is called "Pullam Bootha Kudi".

The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Valvil Raman. Moolavar is in Kidantha kolam, in Bujanga Sayanam facing East direction. Lord gave Prathyaksham for Chakravarthy Thirumagan Ramar and Raja Kiruthra. Utsava Moorthy gives Seva Valvil Raman has four hands (Chathur Bhujam) along with Sangu and Chakram. 

Potraamaraiyaal (Hemambujavalli). She has her own separate Sannadhi.
Thirumangai Alwar - 10 Paasurams.
Shobana Vimaanam. 
Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 7.30 a.m. to 12.00 noon and in the evening from 4.30 to 7.30.
This holy place is dedicated to the Buda (Mercury) planet and so prayers to absolve evils, especially for the departed souls are considered good in this place.  Those who meet with hurdles for their wedding also pray here. The traditional belief is that those who desire promotion in their jobs, if they perform Thirumanjanam and worship the Yoga Narasimhar and Udhyoga Narasimhar in the prakaram are sure to get their prayers fulfilled. Many devotees are believed to have got employment after visiting Yoga Narasimha Sannidhi at this temple, so much so that the devotees have named it the Udhyoga Narasimha.
Parikara Sthalam – Budhan:
This is a Parikara Sthalam dedicated to Budhan (Mercury)
Pullam Bhoothangudi Divya Desam is administered by Ahobila Mutt.
Arulmigu Valvil Raman Thirukovil,
Thirupullabhoothangudi – 612301
Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu
Priest: Shri Gopal Bhattar
Mobile: +91-94435 25365
Tiruppullampudangudi is about 5 kms in the route from Swamimalai to Tiruvaikavur village. Nearest Railway Station is located at Kumbakonam. Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.
The temple is close to Swamimalai near Kumbakonam and can be visited along with other temples having Thanjavur base. It is about 10 kms from Kumbakonam and 5 kms from Swamimalai, the famous Murugan (Karthikeyan) temple.
It can be easily visited along with Thiruaadhanoor divyadesam that is just about a km away. Local Bus No: 12 and 30 ply from Kumbakonam to Pullam Bhoothangudi (via Swami Malai) on way to Thiruvaikavoor.