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Nachiyar Koil (Thirunaraiyur Nambi Temple), Thanjavur

Nachiyar Koil (Thirunaraiyur Nambi Temple), Thanjavur
Nachiar Kovil or Thirunaraiyur Nambi Temple in Thirunaraiyur, a village in the outskirts of Kumbakonam in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu, is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi. Constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture, the temple is glorified in the Naalaayira Divya Prabandha, the early medieval Tamil canon of the Azhwar saints from the 6th to 9th centuries AD.

It is one of the 108 Divyadesam dedicated to Vishnu, who is worshipped as Srinivasa Perumal and his consort Lakshmi as Nachiyar. The temple is the place where god Vishnu is believed to have initiated Pancha Samskara (religious initiation) to Thirumangai Azhwar. The temple follows Thenkalai mode of worship. The temple is believed to have been built by Kochengat Cholan of the late 3rd century AD, with later contributions from Medieval Cholas and Vijayanagar kings.

A granite wall surrounds the temple, enclosing all its shrines, while it has a 5-tiered Rajagopuram, the temple's gateway tower. The temple is maintained and administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamilnadu.

Vishnu is believed to have appeared to the sage Medhavi and married his daughter at this temple, witnessed by Brahma and other gods. Six daily rituals and four yearly festivals are held at the temple, of which the Brahmotsavam, celebrated during the Tamil month of Margazhi (December–January), is the most prominent. The Kal Garuda image in the temple used during the festive occasions is believed to increase in weight seeking 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 people in succession when the procession comes out of various gates from the sanctum to the main entrance of the temple.

The Vimana above the presiding deity is called Hema Vimana.  Lord Chakarathzhwar with the Navagrahas below and paintings of Dasavathara (10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu) is blessing the devotees in the prakara. Sage Medhavi is nearby in worshipping form.  The idols of the procession deities of all 108 Divyadesa temples are near the Garuda Bhagwan shrine.  Special Thirumanjanam are performed here on Shravanam star days each month.

Located 10 kms from Kumbakonam on the Thiruvarur Road is the 5th Century AD Nachiyar Koil in Thiru Naraiyur. Built by the Chozha King Ko Chenganan Chozhan, the Nachiyar Koil has 16 Gopurams including the 5 Tiered Raja Gopuram. Ko Chenganan had already built 70 Saivite Temples and this one, the 71st, was his first Vaishnavite temple. Hence, this temple has a lot of resemblance to Saivite temples, in its form and structure.

Thirumangai Azhvaar has dedicated an entire set of 10 verses in his Periya Tirumozhi crediting Ko Chenganan for his construction of Nachiyar Koil.

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Greatness of Temple
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Temple Speciality
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The Temple
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Kal Garuda (Stone Garuda)
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Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 7.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 4.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Festivals & Religious Practices
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Religious Significance
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Devotees pray to Garuda Bhagwan on Thursdays offering archanas and vastras for relief from delays in marriages, adverse aspects on children and for relief from negative aspects of serpent planets. Devotees offer Tulsi garlands and vastras and sweet pudding-Sarkarai Pongal as nivedhana to Perumal.

Saint Thirumangai Azhwar in his sweet Mangalasasanam hymn had beautifully described the scenic environment of the place of Lord Thirunaraiyur Nambi and His reclining posture, calling devotees to place themselves on His Lotus feet at the temple built by Chola king Kochenganan.
This place is greatly associated in Thirumangai Alwar's life. He fell in love with a damsel named Kumudhavalli. She was a devotee of Lord Narayana. So, she ordered Alwar to become a devotee of Lord Narayana by rendering food for 1008 vaishnavites daily and transform himself as a devoted slave of Lord Narayana by performing the ritual "Panchasamskaranam", taking the 12 divine names of the Lord god to the depth of the soul and imprinting the images of Chakkaram and Sangu (shell) in both the arms.
As Thirumangaialwar could not find a suitable master to perform the above rituals. He came to Naachiyar Kovil and mentally accepting Narayur Nambi as his teacher; he performed all the rites and finally led a happy married life with Kumudhavalli.
So as a reward for the great help rendered by Narayur Nambi. Thirumangaialwar sang totally 118 Paasurams in his favour of that 40 Paasurams is of Siriya Thirumadal where aalwar considers himself as a girl in love of Lord Narayanan and the remaining 78 in the Periya Thirumadal group.
The Narayur Nambi Sannadhi was once called as "Mani Mada Kovil". The Chola King Kochenganan rendered the money for Temple works. There after Jadavarma Sundara Pandiyan took over the work and donated lands to the temple. Then Ragunatha Naicken of Thanjore constructed a Mandapam for Naachiyar.
Sri Narayur Nambi Temple,
Nachiarkoil-612 602
Thanjavur district.
Phone: +91- 435 - 246 7017, 94435 - 97388.
Nachiarkoil is 10 km from Kumbakonam on the Tiruvarur road. Buses from Kumbakonam to Tiruvarur stop at Nachiyar koil. Since there are three more divyadesams on this route, it would be ideal to hire a private Car or Auto. Buses every 15minutes from Kumbakonam (Tiruvarur bound). Auto from Kumbakonam Railway Station will cost Rs. 200/-
Nearest Railway Station is located at Kumbakonam & Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.

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