Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kalyanasundaresar Temple, Nallur – Greatness of Temple

Kalyanasundaresar Temple, Nallur – Greatness of Temple
According to scriptures, the devotee will derive equal benefits by having a bath in the tank of this temple as having one in the Mahamagam tank in Kumbakonam.  Kundhidevi mother of Pandavas incurred dosha as she had children with Panchaboodhas.  She approached Maharshi Naradha for a solution. Naradha suggested that she should bathe in seven oceans for relief.  When Kunthi Devi pleaded her inability to do so as women, Narada suggested that she should worship Lord Kalyana Sundareswarar and he would offer the next suggestion then.  Before Kunthi finished her prayers here, Narada brought the waters of the seven oceans (Saptha Sagaram) to the tank in the temple.  Kunthi belonging to Magam Star bathed in the tank and was relieved of her dosha.  Thus the Nallur temple tank derived equal importance as that of the Kumbakonam Mahamagam tank offering high benefits to the devotees, according to scriptures. 
Lord Kalayana Sundareswarar appears in five different colours each day - copper, pink, golden, emerald green and one that could not be named or recognized.  Hence, is praised as Panchavarneswarar – God of five colours.
Lord granted his Feet Darshan (Pada darshan) to Saint Tirunavukkarasar. Hence, the tradition of Sadari blessing as in Vaishnavite temple came into practice here too.  Mother Ashtabhuja Makali – Mother with eight hands blesses the devotees in the temple.  Somaskanda Murthy of the temple is a replica of the one in Tiruvarur temple.  During Masi Magam day in February-March, He comes in procession in the prakara.  During the procession, though devotees fan him for the heat, we may observe pearls of sweat on the idol. 
It is said that the Vilwa tree of the temple is the first one on earth, hence called Aadhi Tree.  It would be a unique luck of those praying the Lord with the leaves of this tree. Lord Gana Natha blesses here in the form of a Balipeeta at the entrance of West Tower.  It is only in this temple and in Kasi-now Varanasi, Gana Natha graces in this form.  A special puja is celebrated annually for Gana Natha.  People of this place and those around offer the one time milk they get from their cows for abishek.  But devotees cannot see this puja.  Amaraneethi Nayanar one among the celebrated 63 Nayanmars was granted salvation by Lord in this temple.