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Agniswarar Temple, Kanjanur - Legends

Agniswarar Temple, Kanjanur - Legends
Kalathira Dosha Parihara Sthalam:
During Vamana Avatharam, when lord Vishnu took the form of a Short Brahmin asked Bali for three steps of land, Asura Guru Shukracharya had doubts about the Short Brahmin. When Bali ignored his advice, he took the form of a bee and hid in the mouth of the Kamandalam from which Bali would pour water to donate the three steps of land. When water did not flow from the kamandalam, Vishnu in the form of Vamana Avataram pricked Shukracharya with a Darbhai grass sue to which he lost an eye, and had to come out. At the appropriate time, having had his wish, Vamana took his huge form of Avatharam and measured out of the land and the sky, and as the 3rd step, placed his foot on Bali, blessing him.
Shukracharya however was angry with Vishnu, and cursed him. It is believed that Vishnu prayed to Shiva at Kanjanur, where he was relieved of the curse. Shiva not only blessed Vishnu here, he promised to remain and bless those who came with prayers to Shukran his favour. There is no idol or image of Shukran at Kanjanur. It is Shiva himself who takes the position of Shukran here. Kanjanur is the temple for performing "Kalathira Dosha Pariharam" for lord sukiran.
Lord Shukran is offered white Lotus, white cloth, Mochai Kottai (common bean) and Athi (fig) to alleviate problems caused by Sukra dosham. Friday is the day of Shukran and worship on Fridays is considered very special. Images of Agniswarar and Karbakambal are also seen in the Varadarajar Temple at Kanjanur.
Stories related to Sages:
Brhamma is said to have been blessed with a vision of Shiva's marriage with Parvati here. Legend is that Siva blessed Parasara muni (sage) here with cosmic dance. At the bank of the river Ganges, Sages like Sounagar started the holy sacrifice namely sathrayaagam. Mahapouraanigar soothamaamunivar take abode, after the completion of the twelve years holy sacrifices. Sounakaathi saints served and worshipped him. They welcomed and enjoyed with him by saying that he is the one who is able to make the earth get rid of all the sins and they also declared that the place become very sacred after his arrival. 
Immediately, Soothamaha sage looked at them and said them that there is a specialized place better that this Ganges River near Vada Cauvery which removes all the sins and provides luxurious life. 
This Cauvery river flows as Uththaravaahini in the sacred place called Kamsapuram. This shrine is the chief of the entire Shiva temple and it is represented as Punnaagavanam in Kritha yugam, Kathalivanam in Thretha yugam, Vilvavanam in Dvapara yugam and Palaasavanam in Kaliyugam.
Nivarthi Sthalam for Disease & Sin:
The outstanding traits of this temple are that the Paranoia condition of Parasara saint had been cured, Albinism disease of Agni God had been cured, Kamsarajan had been cured from all his diseases, Chandhiran, Sithirasenan, Indiran had been relieved from all their sins, the hunter Kalakandan attained his heavenly bliss, gods like Vishnu had got comforted from Shukradhosha and achieved luxurious life. The holy sacrifice that is done per day in this temple is equal to the thousand Sathrayagya.
Haraththar's Story:
Once upon a time, there was a war between Devas and Asuras. As Asuras had fear over Mahavishnu, they stayed in the Ashram of their Ancestry guru named Shukracharya. As soon as Shukra had gone out, Vishnu came to the ashram and chased out the Asuras. He actuated his chakra's to kill them. The chakra also killed Shukra's wife Sukeerthi along with Asuras. Shukra Bhagavan came there and makes the entire dead person's alive, and he cursed Vishnu to be born on earth as he had killed the people who had got fear about the war as well as his wife who had not even involved in the war. Mahavishnu thought of fulfilling the curse to do good things on earth with the blessings of Lord Shiva.
Then, there were Vainava's who born in Kamsapuram with fourteen Kothiras. They stated that Mahavishnu is everything by Vedas and they disrupt Shiva devotees and Shiva Festivities. Vishnuvanavar decided to teach lesson to them and he born as a son for Vasudevar, who is a panjarathira Vainavar. He was named as Sutharsanar and when he started to talk, he said "Shivashiva". After started walking, he went to Agneeshwarar temple. His father admonished him many times, but again he went along with Shiva devotee in addition to this, he put tilak and rounded along the Agneeshwarar temple. But, his father did Ubanayam at proper age and also performed Gayathri Mandhira Ubadesam. He also said to Sutharsanar that he should tell Narayana Namam along with Gayathri. He also asserted to go Varadharaja Temple.
But, by that noon Sutharsanar went to Agneeshwarar temple and did Maathiyanigam in Agni Theertha along with Gayathri Mandhra and Panjatcharam other than this he also worshipped Lord Shiva and Karbakambal. His father Vasudevacharyar got anger and threw him out from home. So, he reached Agneeshwarar temple and heard Shivanama parayanangal. Soon, he slept. At midnight, Agneeshwarar appeared as Dhakshinamoorthy before the little boy Sutharsanar and made him to know all the Myths and Ithihasas in addition to this he also named him as Haratattar.
After getting all the knowledge, Haratattar took purifactory bath in Cauvery in the morning and went to his house. He wore Viboothi and Ruthiraksham and stated Shiva is everything by Vedas and Shastras. Vasudeva didn't accept his debate and decided to kill him. So, he asked him to prove it by standing in the fired iron pedestal. Haratattar also accepted and stood in the fired iron pedestal and said Shivaparathuvam before many scholars, pundits and Saiva Vainava Followers. At that time, Agneeshwarar along with Karpagambigai appeared before Haratattar.
After few years, Haratattar was married with a girl named Pangajavalli, who is a daughter of Supratheepar. They both give birth to 9 Childrens namely Mahadeva, Neelakandar, Sankarar, Chandrashekarar, Saambashivan, Mahalingam, Komuktheesan, Karpagam and Meenakshi. He daily took purifactory bath two times in Cauvery River and also performs panjatcharajabam and Shiva pooja. He decided to make everyone to know about the greatness of Lord Shiva. So, he did many Miracles.
There was a Older Brahmin named Devasambu in this temple. Once, he carried bunch of Grasses to his cow. Unfortunately, the tied bunch of Grass fell over the calf and it was dead. Devasambu stunned and shouted as Shivashiva. He felt very bad for killing the calf. So, he asked solution to Vedhiyars to get rid from Kohathi Dosha. They asked him to take purifactory bath in Ganges River and will not be able to go to Ganga. He was very poor and so he asked solution to Haratattar. He stated that it was not a sin as you did it unfortunately and when you had shouted as Shivashiva, you had got rid from it. The calf also got Narkathi as it had heard Shivashiva while being dead. But, Vedhiyars didn't accept this. But, Haratattar asked Devasambu to give a grip of grass to Nandikesvarar. Devasambu did as he said and astonishingly, Nandikesvara ate that Grass. From that day, Nandikesvarar has also been called as "Pullunda Nandhi".
Gangadhara is the son of Haraththar’s sister. His leg is abnormal from his birth and he has a wish of going to Ganges River. Haratattar came to know about his wish and so he asked him to get dipped in Cauvery. Gangadhara also did it as per his words and surprisingly, he arose in Ganga. He felt very happy and worshipped Vishwanatha and Visalakshi. After few days, Gangadhara decided to return to his hometown, but he feared as he doesn't know the way. On that Occasion, a Shiva Munivar arose there with suryaprakasam. He asked the way to that saint to reach his town. The saint preached Gangadhara about panjaksharam and asked him to dip in Ganga and arose in Cauvery. Then the saint disappeared when he started worshipping him. He astonished and later he dipped in Ganga and aroused in Cauvery. 
After reaching Kanjanoor, Gangadhara worshipped Agneeshwarar and as per the words of Haratattar, he developed a Theertha on the southwestern side and named it as Manikarnigai. He also built a temple for Vishwanathar and Visalakshi. Along with this he also built parivaram for Vinayagar, Subramaniyar and separate Sannidhi for Suyamprakashmoorthy, who preached Panjaksharam for him. He lived for many years and on a day of Akshayathiruthi, he reached Sivaloka by getting the blessings from Suyamprakashmoorthy. In earlier days, people have the habit of adding Sheekaikai with porridge. Haratattar took that Sheekaikai mixed with porridge to take purifactory bath in Cauvery. At that time, Agneeshwarar appeared as an old Shiva devotee and told to Haratattar that he is in hungry. Suddenly, Haratattar gave that porridge to that Shiva devotee.
Haratattar returned his home, after taking purifactory bath and he felt very bad for giving it with Sheekaikai without remembering. Haratattar prayed whole heartedly for his health to Lord Shiva. Shivalingabupathi is a king who does Nivedhanas and Annadhanam in Shiva poojas. Shiva appeared in the dream of Shivalingabupathi and said that his Nivedhanas and Annadhanam won't get equal to Haraththar’s porridge. From that day, the king became the disciple of Haratattar. Just like this, Haratattar had done many miracles towards people to make them understand about the Panjatcharam. He reached Heaven on a panjami day in Thai month by seeing the Agneeshwarar who appeared as a Rishabaroodar along with Karbakambal, Vinayagar, Subramaniyar and Sandikeswarar.
Greatness of Karpaga Vinayagar:
There was an old woman named Karpaganatchiyar in this temple. She had the habit of doing Modaka to Vinayagar daily. But on the day of Thai Panjami, the day when Haratattar reached Kailayam, due to the assay of Vinayagar the Modaka took late to get finished.
So, she prayed Vinayagar with repentance. So, he took that old lady with his trunk and kept her in Kailayam and from that day Vinayagar is called as Karpaga Vinayagar.
Lord Shukran:
Shukra is the 6thGraha in Grahamandalam. He is named as Bargavan as he is a son of Piragu Saint, who is a manasaputhirar of Brahma Deva. He is also called as Kavi.
Shukrabhagvan is an outstanding Shiva Devotee. With the blessings of Shiva, he had learnt the Manthras named Amirthasanjeevini to give life to the dead persons. He is silver in color and subar of Graha. He will be in a Garuda vahana at Ayingonamandalam with Venpattadai and will be seated in a Venthamarai. Mudalai vahana is also there. As he is guru of Asura, he is often called as Shukracharya. In graham mandala, in the east of sun, he shows his Thirumugham towards east. In Suriyamandalam, in the north of sun, he shows his Thirumugham towards north. He is the athipathi of Rishaba thula rasi and he is for Bharani, Pooram, and Pooradam Natchathras. Shukra direction will be for 20 years. He will attain uchcham in Meenaraasi and will attain Neecham in Kanni rasi. He will stay at least one month in a sign.
For Shukrabhagvan, Mithra – Mercury, Saturn, Sathru – Sun, Moon, Saman – Venus, Jupiter, Metal – Silver, Stone – Diamond, Grain – Vall beans, Samiththu – Figs, High Angel – Indirani, Prathiyathi, Angel – Indiran.
In Kosaram, he will give comfort to 1, 2,3,4,5,8,9,11,12 and discomfort in 6,7,10. Shukra Bhagavan is a kalathirakaragan. He will give comfort to all. He is the one who help in getting job opportunity, doing business, marriage, vehicle, perfumes, Grammar and for writing poems.
He make every people to get relieved from delayed marriages, Couple disharmony, Loss in Industry, Vehicle and Business, including Brain and Eye related problems. In this temple, Lord Shiva who made the Devas to get rid from Shukra Dosha has separate Sannathi along with Parvathi to the south of Agniswarar Sannathi. He is praised as "Imavaanthan Pethaiyoduinithiruntha Perumaan" by Thirunavukarasar. The people, who worship him will get relieve from Shukra dhosha and will get wealth and prosperous life.