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Thiruchendur Murugan Temple – Subsidiary Temples

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple – Subsidiary Temples
The subsidiary temples attached to the Thiruchendur administration are nineteen. Most of them are minor shrines spread over the town and the suburbs to a distance of four miles. Two of them are in the Puttantaruvai village. A full list is given below. They are mostly under the management of pujaris, though nominally under the Devasthanam administration.
Most conspicuous of them all is the town Siva temple of Sri Sivakolundeeswarar and Sri Anandavalli Amman. The outer measurements are 356 feet long and 168 feet broad. Situated in the heart of then town, its dimensions are large, its inner precincts majestic and the approaches leading to it covered by two large mandapas. The columns of sculptured yalis and conventional types are of exquisite workmanship.
The exterior mantapa contains many shops, and is cut from the main entrance to the temple by an intervening road. This temple, which might have been re-built in the days of the Nayaks in the 17th century to such enormous proportions, ought to have seen better days, and latterly eclipsed by the growing importance and popularity attached to the seashore temple of Sri Subrahmaniyam.
·        Sri Venkatesa Perumal within the prakara of the temple
·        Sri Valli Amman cave temple on the sea border
·        Sri Tundu-Kai Vinayakar Temple
·        Sri Swarna Vanam Sastha Kovil
·   Sri Sivakolundiswarar and Anandavalli Amman Kovil alias Mela Koyil or Town Siva Temple
·        Sri Amirtaguna Vinayagar temple
·        Sri Ananta Sastha Koyil
·        Sri Allkonda Vinayagar temple
·        Sri Arasalwar Vinayagar temple
·        Sri Muttaramman temple
·        Sri Sabhapati Vināyagar temple
·        Sri Maragatha Valli Amman temple
·        Sri Veluganta Amman temple
·        Sri Uchima Kali Amman temple
·        Sri Thalai-untri Sasthan Koyil
·        Sri Kundru Mel Iyen Sasthan Koyil
·        Sri Chokkar temple
·  Sri Pirappudai Sasthan Koyil and Saravana Vinayagar temple in Inam Thirupani Puttantaruvai village in Thiruchendur taluk; and
·        Sri Bala Vinayagar temple