Friday, February 26, 2016

Thirunaraiyur Nambi Temple, Nachiyar Koil – Kal Garuda Shrine

Thirunaraiyur Nambi Temple, Nachiyar Koil – Kal Garuda Shrine
Kal Garuda, an image of Lord Vishnu's mount (Garuda), is the most prominent feature of the temple. Generally, only wooden or metal idols are used for procession deities but here the image of Kal Garuda is made of Saligrama. Kal Garuda is housed in the shrine outside the main sanctum. Kal Garuda is the vehicle to the presiding deity Thirunaraiyur Nambi whereas Annam (Swan) is the vehicle for Vanjula Valli Thayar.

Kal Garuda Shrine covers an area of about 10.5 sq. feet. He has beautiful big wings, broad chest and long hair. He graces the devotees from his shrine holding 9 snakes. This Kal Garuda is treated in equivalence to Lord Vinayaka and so a dish Mothakam named as Amudha Kalasam is offered to him.
During street procession (Margazhi and Panguni), an unbelievable event takes place at the Nachiyar Koil. While only 4 people carry Lord Garuda out of his Sannidhi, as the Lord goes out of each layer and prakaram, he is said to increase in weight, that 8 people, 16 and then 32 people are required to carry Lord Garuda out of the temple.
Finally, when the Lord is taken outside the temple, Garuda increases in weight so much that 64 people are required to carry the Lord. On his way back, it is said that Garuda mount decreases in weight and finally when he is back in the Sannidhi, only 4 people are required to carry him. It is said that two Garudas use to come during the midday puja to him to accept the nivedhana. 
After their disappearance in course of time, a separate shrine was built for the two eagles. People use to light the Moksha (salvation) Deepa in this shrine. Kal Garuda is said to answer the prayers of devotees immediately and remove all Doshams. Childless couples, unmarried women, people with Naaga Dosham etc. will also be relieved if they pray to the Kal Garuda at this temple.