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Yama Dharmaraja Temple, Thiruchitrambalam, Thanjavur

Yama Dharmaraja Temple, Thiruchitrambalam, Thanjavur
Yama Dharmaraja Temple is a Hindu temple located at Thiruchitrambalam in the Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu, India. The temple is dedicated to Yama.

According to Hindu mythologyManmatha the Hindu Cupid provoked the ire of Shiva and was burnt to death. The Puradhana Vaneswarar Temple in neighbouring Pattukkottai lies on the spot where the alleged incident took place. However, on Yama's request, Manmatha was restored to life. The Yama Dharmaraja Temple is believed to have been built at the spot where he was restored to life.
Once, the Devas of the celestial world came to Kailash to have the darshan of Lord Shiva.  As he was in deep meditation, they used Manmatha to disturb His meditation-Nishta.  Opening his eyes in all fury, the sparks burnt Manmatha reducing him to ashes.  Responding to the prayers of his wife Rathi, he was restored to life at a spot near this place.  Yama prayed to Lord Shiva to permit him the destruction job assigned to him and was granted permission.  The temple for Yama is built according to this story.
Lord Shiva blessing Yama to carry on his job has a separate temple nearby.
Greatness of Temple
The God of Death is the presiding deity of the temple appearing with a royal look with his twisted moustache in a sitting form on his buffalo vehicle.  He holds in his hands a rope, palm leaves and a club.  Seated under him are Chitra Gupta and his messenger named Kalan. Pambatti Siddhar and Aiyanar with his consorts Poorana and Pushkala are also in the shrine.  Raw rice pudding is offered as Nivedhana. Yama is dressed as a king during the 10 day Aadi festival as if he is going for hunting.
In order to reduce the degree of his fury, Lord Raja Ganapathy is installed in front of the shrine and Lord Baladhandayuthapani behind.  As Yama is the form of Justice, any one committing a sin would be suitably punished. Women do not bathe in the Theertha of the temple in the fear that they may have to be subjected to the fury of Yama.
The Temple
This is the place where Manmatha – Cupid – was restored to life after he was burnt by the fury of Lord Shiva.  The spot is called Kaman Pottal.  There are also guardian deities in the temple complex Veeranar, Rakkachi, Muthumani, Karuppanasami, Kombukkaran and Vaduvachi.
The presiding deity is Yama, the Hindu god of death. There are also idols of ChitraguptaPambatti SiddharAyyanar and his consorts Purna and Pushkala.
The temple is one of the few dedicated to Yama. God of Death-Ema Dharmaraja is the presiding deity of the temple.
Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
10 day Aadi Vizha in July-August and Manmatha Vizha (cupid festival) in Masi (February-March are the festivals celebrated in the temple.
People pray here for longevity.  As Yama is the head of Justice, people who were cheated and had lost their belongings also pray here.  They write their grievance in a paper and tie the prayer in the trident.  It is believed that the lost property would be recovered within a few days.  This is called Padi Kattudhal.  
During the Ema Kanda time (time attributed to Yama, 1.30 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.) Ayul Vruddhi Homa (a prayer puja for longevity) is performed in the temple on Saturdays.  As Saturn is the authority for longevity according to astrology, the puja is conducted on Saturdays. Devotees perform Abishek to the deity and offer vastras.
Yama Dharmaraja Temple,
Thiruchitrambalam, Pattukkottai Taluk
Thanjavur District
Phone: +91- 98943 24430

The Yama temple is 36 km from Thanjavur on the Pattukkottai route. Nearest Railway Station is located at Pattukkottai and Thanjavur. Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.