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Kalyanasundaresar Temple, Nallur – Legends

Kalyanasundaresar Temple, Nallur – Legends
Legend of Amaraneethi Nayanar:
As per another legend, one of the 63 Nayanmars, Amaraneethi Nayanar, spent his life supplying undergarments to all worshipers of Shiva. Shiva wanted to test his devotion and appeared to him in the form of a Brahmin. The Brahmin deposited a piece of rag in the custody of Amaraneethi, which was lost by a trick. The Brahmin demanded equal weight of gold in return of the lost rag. Amaraneethi deposited all his wealth in one side of a scale pan, but it did not balance. Finally, he submitted himself and his wife in the scale pan. Shiva was pleased by the devotion of the nayanar and bestowed him with all his wishes.
The fight between Vayu and Adiseshan:
Vayu gets angry after Adiseshan is praised as being better than him. Adiseshan says that he can cover Kailayam and threw up a challenge to Vayu to remove one stone from the Meru Mountain through his power. Vayu blew air as powerfully as he could. Everyone was in a shocked state and went to Lord. 
As Adiseshan turned his head for a fraction of a second, Vayu’s capitalized on this momentum lapse and his power sent several pieces scattering from the mountain. One piece fell here in Thiru Nallur. This is a swayambu Moorthy.        
Agastya gets Kalyana Kolam Darshan:
The entire set of devotees of Shiva congregated in the North to witness the celestial wedding of Shiva and Uma Devi. The weight tilted the balance of the earth as the excess weight on the Northern side led to rising of the Southern side. Realizing this imbalance, Shiva directed Sage Agastya to head south to bring about a balance between South and North.
As Agastya expressed unhappiness at his missing the celestial wedding, Shiva promised to provide a similar darshan in the place down south if he helped bring about this south-north balance during the period of his wedding.
Agastya reached Thiru Nallur and with an idol of Shiva performed pooja every day. This idol is seen even today inside the sanctum south of the Swayambu Moorthy.
In a thankful gesture, Shiva provided ‘Kalyana Kolam’ darshan to Sage Agastya here at South Kailasam. Also, seen inside the sanctum are Vishnu and Brahmma in a standing posture.  This is a special temple for the first Darshan of Vishnu, Brahmma and Shiva together. Ancient paintings are seen on the walls of the Sanctum.
Kunti Devi’s liberation from sin:
Having thrown his first son into the river, Kunti was seeking liberation from the sin of having thrown her first son into the river. On the occasion of Maasi Magam she met Sage Narada who suggested that it was sacred to have bath on this auspicious day. Kunti invoked the blessings of Lord Shiva who brought the Saptha Sagara Theertham here at Thiru Nallur. In memory of this event, one finds the idol of Kunti in a posture of invoking the blessings of Lord Shiva. The story goes that the ‘Magam’ begun here and Maha Magam in Kumbakonam.
Staying of Thyagaraja of Thiruvarur here:
After having secured the idol of Lord Thyagaraja of Thiruvarur from Lord Indra, Musukunthan was directed to place the idol here for three days before taking it to his abode at Thiruvarur. Hence Thiru Nallur is credited with the historical event of a 3day pooja being performed for Thyagaraja before finally resting at Thiruvarur.
Thiruvadi Deekshithai for Appar:
Seeking the Lord’s feet before his death, Saivite Saint Poet Thirunavukarasar (Appar) began his trip from Thiruvathigai and had darshan at Chidambaram, Sirkazhi and Tiruvidaimaruthur. Pleased with his sincere prayers, Lord Shiva directed him to come to Thiru Nallur.  On reaching here, Appar received Thiruvadi Deekshithai with Lord Shiva placing his feet on the head of the great Saint Poet. In memory of this event, Shataari, which is placed on the head of a devotee as a blessing of Lord Vishnu in Perumal temples, is placed on a devotee at this temple as well. This placing of Shataari on the devotee is a unique feature at the Thiru Nallur temple.
Delighted at this gesture of Lord Shiva, Appar praised the Lord as
“வடபால் கைலாயம்  தென்பால் திரு நல்லூர்”
He stayed here for many days singing praise of the Lord before he moved on to nearby places such as Thiru Palathurai, Thiru Karugavur, Thiru Aavur and Thiru Pazhanam. And finally he moved on from here to Thiruvarur.
Pancha Varna Display every day:

The Swayambu Moolavar Idol changes colour five times a day every 2 1/2hours changing from Lotus colour to red to gold to green and finally to a colour as visualized by a sincere devotee in the evening. As he provides darshan in these five different colours the Lord is also referred to as Pancha Varneswarar. Hence it is said that visiting the Lord here and invoking his blessings is equivalent to visiting the Pancha Bhootha sthalam.