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Sadayandi Temple, Athoor, Dindigul

Sadayandi Temple, Athoor, Dindigul
Athoor Sadayandi Temple is situated in a hill cave near Kamarajar Sagar Dam in Tamil NaduIndia. Every year during Aadi Amavasai, (the new moon of the Tamil month of Aadi) there is an interesting festival here which attracts upwards of 100,000 pilgrims in a day.

The Temple
The Sadayandi Cave Temple is an ancient temple that holds an important place in the history of Athoor. This temple is located inside a cave in the hills of the Western Ghats near Kamarajar Sagar Dam. On the way to the temple there are many small idols where people stop to pray. One such idol sits under the shade of a large Banyan tree.

Sadayandi Temple is an important Temple near Athoor where people worship Sadayandi a bearded Powerful God who protects them from evil. Devotees who come to worship here first worship at the Sadayandi Temple which has a huge Trident before it at the base of the hill. They then begin the ascent up the hill after passing through the arch with steps.

There are one or two Mandapams on the way to the temples where the devotees can sit and rest when climbing to the temple. After a distance there are no steps and one must ascend the hill through a stony path. It is not advisable to climb the hill during rainy seasons as the path may be slippery. 

Athoor Village is about 5 kms away from this temple. Kamarajar Sagar Dam is a prominent landmark which is located nearby and when climbing one can enjoy a panoramic view of the dam below. Worshipers to maintain the holiness of the place climb the hill barefoot.

Sadayandi Temple is an important Temple located about 20 km to the East of Athoor. There is a road to a certain distance till the temple at the Base of the hill.

Special Poojas & Festivals
There is a festival celebrated in this cave temple every year during Aadi Amavasai that falls in the Tamil month of Aadi (usually July or August) over one-lakh pilgrims visit the temple in a single day.

Sadayandi Cave Temple is located at Athoor Village in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu. It is near Kamarajar Sagar Dam.  From Madurai (62 km away) take the Coimbatore road, up to the Sembatti crossing and then take the road to Palani all the way to Athoor, which is 5 km away.
By Road: 
Palani can be reached by road from all the cities of Tamil nadu. From Palani to Athoor is only 5 km. And the cave temple can be accessed by private transports.
By Train: 
There are trains to Palani from Coimbatore, Chennai Dindigul and Thiruchendur. From Palani to Athoor is 5 km.
By Air: 
Coimbatore & Madurai are the nearest Airports to Palani. From Madurai and Coimbatore airports, this cave temple can be accessed by road travel or by train up to Palani; and from Palani to Athoor Village and to the Cave Temple.