Monday, February 29, 2016

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple – Greatness of Temple

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple – Greatness of Temple
Lord Muruga won and accepted Soorapadman on Sashti (sixth day) of the waxing moon (bright) night (Valar Pirai) of the month Aippasi. This day is celebrated as ‘Kanda Sashti’. This incident happened at Thiruchendur and hence, the ‘Kanda Sashti’ festival is celebrated in this place with all grandeur.
In the ‘Kanda Purana’ of Mahabharata, two other causes are indicated for the celebration of ‘Kanda Sashti’ festival, apart from the extermination of Soorapadman. Once a few sages conducted a yaaga (sacred fire worship), with a behest to get a son for the welfare of the world.
It was begun on the New Moon Day and went on for six days. From the fire erupted out of the sacrificial altar (yaaga kundam), six seeds – one seed each day for six days respectively – were collected. Lord Muruga was born on the sixth day, when all these six seeds were made as one. The Mahabharata asserts that the day of the birth of Lord Muruga is the ‘Kanda Sashti’ Day.
In the Kanda Purana, Kachiyappar Sivachariyar says that the Devas, in order to become powerful to challenge the asuras, carried on a vow by soliciting Lord Muruga to be in the ‘kumbham’ (sacred pot) for six days. Lord Muruga blessed them likewise. This incident is remembered as ‘Kanda Sashti’ and celebrated after Aippasi New Moon Day – so says Sivachariyar.