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Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple, Thirukkolur, Thoothukudi – The Temple

Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple, Thirukkolur, Thoothukudi – The Temple
The temple has two prakaram (closed precincts of a temple). The Vimana – tower above the sanctum sanctorum – is known as Srikara Vimana. The primary deity of this temple is Lord Vaithamanidhi also called as Nikshoba Vithan, in a reclining posture facing in the east direction. The main deity has a reclining posture facing east.

Vaithamanidhi perumal stands still here in this sthala to drive away the Adharma to protect the wealth which cannot be taken out. The Lord here has thiru Sangu (holy conch) in the left hand and in the right hand he has thiru chakra with which he destroys the Adharma.

Goddess Amudavalli and Goddess Koloorvalli have separate shrines in the sanctum of this temple. Other deities of this temple are Lord Yoga Narasimhar, Madhurakavi azhwar, Acharyas and Azhwars, Garuda (vehicle of Lord Vishnu).

This place is considered as a birth place of Madhurakavi Azhwar, the devotee of Nammazhwar. Madhurakavi Alwar is said to be the Gnana Nidhi. This sthala perumal gave Prathyaksham Dharshan to Kubera, who is the Lord for wealth, Madhurakavi Alwar, who is the Gnana Nidhi (wealth of knowledge).

The Pushkarani (tank) is called Kubera Pushkarani and since he was a devotee of Haran (Lord Shiva) the Vimaanam is called "Sri Hara Vimaanam". 

·        Sri Vaitha Maanidhi Perumal, Bhujanga Sayanam, East facing.
·        Amudavalli & Koloorvalli and they have their own separate Sannadhis.
·        Nitshebavithan
·        Nammalvar – 12 Pasuram (3293-3303 and 3473)
·        Kuberan, Madhurakavi Azhwar
·        Kubera pushkarani
·        Sri Hara Vimaanam.
·        Perumal
·        Kumudhavalli Thayar
·        Kolurvalli Thayar
·        Yoga Narasimhar
·        Madhurakavi aalwar
·        Acharyas and Alwars
·        Garuda

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