Friday, July 22, 2016

Balasubramania Swamy Temple, Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram - Legends

Balasubramania Swamy Temple, Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram - Legends
The place has the history of Lord Muruga himself standing as his own Vel weapon to protect the sages in penance from the threats of demons.  The place is known as Ilayanar Velur – Ilayanar is youthful Muruga, Velur is the place where the Vel stood. The place on both sides of River Seyyaru then known as Utharavahini was then a forest region.  
Many Rishis were performing penance here.  Sage Kashyapa had his hermitage here and performed penance for the welfare of mankind.  Two demons, armed with their boons of immortality, began to harass the sage who appealed to Lord Kadamba Nathar for protection. Lord assured the sage that his younger son Muruga would destroy the demons and protect all sages. He also assured the sages that his Sword also would be sent to assist Muruga in the war against the demons. 
Taking on the command of his divine Father, Muruga set out on the protection mission. He called the demons and advised them.  But their pride ignored his advice. Lord Muruga instructed his Vel to stand guard on the eastern side of the hermitage to prevent the demons.  Lord Muruga separated the head of Magaran with the sword given by Lord Shiva.  Seeing the death of his brother, Malayan used the magic taught by Maya the mother of Surapadma which could not stand before the sword of Lord Shiva.
The place where the head of Malayan fell is called Malayankulam and that of Magaran’s defeat as Magaral.  After executing the orders of Lord Shiva, Muruga built a temple for Lord Tirukadamba Nathar.  Lord Shiva asked the Son to stay there and grant all boons to his devotees.  It is at This Ilayanar Velur, the temple of Balasubramaniar stands now.
Murugan did penance here before he started on his journey to kill Sura padman. He does penance in the presence of his parents and obtains a Vel (spear) with which he slays the Asura Sura padman. Here the vahanam for Murugan is elephant. This is because only after slaying the Asura, Surapadman he becomes the peacock which is the vahana of Muruga.