Sunday, July 31, 2016

Vazhakkuraitheeswar Temple, Adissonpettai, Kanchipuram

Vazhakkuraitheeswar Temple, Adissonpettai, Kanchipuram
Vazhakkuraitheeswar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and located in Adissonpettai in Kanchipuram.  Lord Shiva is said to free people from court cases and litigations. On every Monday, we can see lot of lawyers visiting the temple. In ancient days, Legal cases were not taken to the king’s court, instead brought to this temple. Shiva of this temple solves all the problems placed in front of him. Still people approach the Vazhakkuraitheeswar with cases to solve their problems.

The temple attained significance when Vasanthi Stanly, a Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party functionary prayed for Kanimozhi (the daughter of ex-chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi and accused in 2G spectrum case), offered special worship to relieve her of trial of 2G spectrum scam.

This temple is located right inside Kanchipuram and is one of the sacred Shiva temples in the town. There is a much more ancient Parasareshwarar Shiva linga inside the temple but this has become very famous. Even though its small temple, pilgrims visit it in large numbers on Mondays/Thursdays. Various kinds of lamps are lit - some with Ghee, some with Oil, some with different kind of wigs made of lotus stem etc. with prayers to the lord to resolve their legal problems.

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