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Chaturbhuja Kothandaramar Temple, Ponpadhar Koodam, Pon Vilaintha Kalathur, Kanchipuram

Chaturbhuja Kothandaramar Temple, Ponpadhar Koodam, Pon Vilaintha Kalathur, Kanchipuram
Chaturbhuja Kothandaramar Temple is dedicated to Lord Rama located at Ponpadhar Koodam near Pon Vilaintha Kalathur in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. Ponpadhar Koodam is a small village located at about 10 kms east of Chengalpattu, just further to PV Kalathur. The rare feature of Sri Rama here is that he is seen with four arms holding Bow, Arrow, Shanku (Conch) and Chakra in each of his arms. 

This temple is small, yet beautiful amidst a serene atmosphere with lots of paddy fields around. The road from Chengalpattu to this temple is not too good. But it’s worth to take a drive in such a bad road to see such a wonderful Sri Raama and the rare Sri Bhavya Anjaneya.

One of the few temples in India where Rama is seen displaying his Chaturbhuja Form. An interesting feature is that one sees Sharp nails on Rama’s fingers, the life line on the palm of his hand, his knee cap and veins on his leg.

This Temple is located about 70 kms South of Chennai off the Great Southern Trunk (GST) Road and under 15 kms off Chengalpet (near Ottivakkam Railway Station). This Temple is over 600 year old.

Pon Padhar Koodam is one of the very few temples in India with Rama in a grand sitting Chaturbhuja Posture. The most prominent of the Chaturbhuja Rama is in Dhandakaranya Kshetram of Bhadrachalam in Andhra Pradesh).

This small village gets its name from the fact that this place used to be full of golden husk all over. (Ponpadhar - means golden husk in Tamil).While Golden grains were grown in Pon Vilaintha Kalathur; they were thrashed and cleaned at Ponpadhar Koodam.

Devaraja darshan of Chaturpuja Rama:
Sri Rama graced his darshan to Mother Kausalya, Sri Anjaneya, and Thrijada who was a loving companion to Sita during her captivity in Lanka and to Mandodhari, wife of Ravana as Lord Mahavishnu with four hands holding the conch and discus. Sage Devaraja wished to have a similar darshan and prayed to him. Lord obliged the Maharishi in this place. A temple was raised later. Lord was named Chaturpuja Kodandaramar (Rama with four hands).

Darmadhishta got cured of Skin Disease:
One Darmadhishta had to suffer from skin disease due to a curse. He worshipped Rama in this shrine and got cured. Therefore, those suffering from such problems offer Tulsi garland and sugar candy to the Lord seeking a remedy.

Monkey attending Pattabhishekam Ceremony:
Once in 1982, Pattabhishekam was performed to Sri Rama here. When the rituals were happening, a monkey visited the temple, sat quietly, witnessed the whole ceremony and left the place after the Pattabhishekam, without disturbing anyone. According to the native villagers, there were no monkeys seen in the village before and after this incident. 

No one knows how a lone monkey arrived at the temple exactly for the Pattabhishekam ceremony. The villagers believe that it was Sri Hanuman himself, who came and witnessed Sri Rama Pattabhishekam.

The Temple
The presiding deity graces in the sanctum Sanctorum under a Lotus tower (Pushpaka Vimanam). In the front hall (Mandapam) there are shrines for Lakshminarayana, Vishwaksenar, Namazhwar, Tirumangaiazhwar, Ramanuja and Mahadesikar. Rama graces from the sanctum sanctorum with his consort Sita to his left and brother Lakshmana. Since the Lord appears in the form of Mahavishnu, Mahalakshmi is on his chest.

Anjaneya appears nearby worshipping Rama and Sita. Anjaneyar gives darshan inside the Sannadhi facing the Lord with folded hands. Sri Hanuman in front of Sri Rama is seen in a very humble gesture facing Sri Rama with his palm closing the mouth in obedience. It is a rare statue and is called Sri Bhavya Hanuman.

On the Makara Sankranti (Thai Pongal) day, Sri Rama goes for the Pari Vettai as he is a descendent of Surya, Sun God. The Kothandarama Utsava deity is also seen in a Chaturbhuja form with Sita to his right and Lakshmana to his left. An interesting featuring of this several centuries old idol is that one finds sharp nails on his fingers, the life line on the palm of his hand, his knee cap and veins on his leg. One is also able to clearly see the individual fingers on his hand. Rama is also seen wearing a ring on his finger.

Yet another interesting feature here is that the Utsava deity’s left leg is a little in front of his right leg, with the bow placed on his left leg almost in a posture of being ready to break the bow and seeking Sita’s hand representing the bow-bending episode in Mithila when the Lord held the bow pressing it with his left leg. This form of Rama in temple is very rare.

The uthsavar is made of a combination of five metals (Pancha loka) and is highly adorable.  The uthsavar (possession deity) is so beautiful with a gentle smile on his face. This temple is small, in a serene atmosphere, with paddy fields around.  

There are very few temples where Sri Ramar appears in Chaturbhuja form and the most important among them is at Bhadrachalam. The Lord holds a chakra, Sanku in 2 hands and the other two hands are in the posture of blessing the devotees.

Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. The devotees are advised to get in touch with the priest for darshan during other timings.
·        Sri Rama Navami in Panguni (March-April),
·        Wedding festival in the same month on Panguni Uthiram day
·        Tirukarthikai in November-December
·        Sudarshana Homam on February 21
Couples pray for lasting affinity, reunion of separated husband and wife and for remedy from skin diseases offering Tulsi garlands and sugar candy. Devotees offer Thirumanjanam, clothings (Vastras) and special pujas to the Lord.
Sri Chaturpuja Kodandaramar Temple,
Via P.V. Kalathur, Ponpadharkoodam – 603 405,
Kancheepuram district, Tamilnadu
Phone: +91- 44 - 2744 1227
Mobile: +91 - 97890 49704 / 94437 06842
This temple is located in Ponpadharkoodam and it is located at a distance of 13 kms from Kancheepuram. There are local buses every half hour (during morning and evening) running between Chengalpet and Pon Vilaintha Kalathur. Take the road into Chengalpet from the GST road and move towards Thirukazhukundram. After the Court on the right, take the left to go towards Ottivakkam station. After crossing the railway line, take the right to reach Pon Vilaintha Kalathur. Ponpadharkoodam is about 4-5 kms from Pon Vilaintha Kalathur.
One can reach Chengalpet by train or bus and local buses are there to PV Kalathur although the frequency is less. Alternatively passenger trains between Villupuram and Chengalpet stop at Ottivakkam station.
One can take an auto/car from Chengalpet bus stand/railway station to reach this temple within 20-30minutes. If one is using public transport, it would be ideal to hire an auto or car from Chengalpet to and fro to all the temples. Nearest Airport is Chennai Airport.