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Rudrakoteeswarar Temple, Konerikuppam, Kanchipuram

Rudrakoteeswarar Temple, Konerikuppam, Kanchipuram

Rudrakoteeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Konerikuppam, an outskirt of Kanchipuram City in Kanchipuram Taluk in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu. Presiding Deity is called as Rudrakoteeswarar and Mother is called as Kamakshi.



It is believed that Kodi Rudras (One Crore Rudras) worshipped Lord Shiva at this temple. Hence, Lord Shiva came to be called as Rudrakodeeswarar.

People worshipped Lord Shiva here:

It is believed that Arjuna and Lord Indra worshipped Lord Shiva of this temple. Both of them installed Shiva Lingams and still these Lingams can be seen in the temple premises.

Lord Shiva perform meditation in this temple:

It is said that Lord Shiva circumbulate the prakaram every day and perform meditation here. Locals often used to witness a sage doing meditation in the temple premises.

Snake worshipping Lord Shiva here:

It is said that a snake used to visit this temple in the evening regularly. It adorns around the Lingam and worship him.


The Temple is believed to be built by Pallavas and was later completely reconstructed during Vijayanagara rule.

The Temple

This temple is facing towards east with an entrance arch facing south side. The entrance arch has stucco image of Rishabaroodar. The Sanctum Sanctorum consists of Sanctum, Ardha Mandapam and an open Mukha Mandapam. Balipeedam and Nandi can be found in the Mukha Mandapam, facing the sanctum. Presiding Deity is called as Rudrakoteeswarar and is facing east. He is housed in the sanctum in the form of Lingam.

There are no Koshta idols located around the sanctum walls. The Vimana over the sanctum follows Vesara style architecture and is of single tier. As in other temples in Kanchipuram, there is no separate shrine of Parvathi as it is believed that Kamakshi of Kanchipuram Kamakshi Temple is the common Parvathi shrine for all Shiva temples.

There is a Vinayagar Idol amidst Naga Idols under the Peepal tree. There is a sculpture of a couple in worshipping posture on the wall.  There are shrines for Vinayagar, Murugan, Pasupatheeswarar, Chandikeswarar and a Lingam worshipped by Indra can be seen in the temple premises.


Rudrakoteeswarar Temple,

Konerikuppam, Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram District – 631 561

Mobile: +91 94427 21596


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