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Kothandaramar Temple, Pon Vilaintha Kalathur, Kanchipuram

Kothandaramar Temple, Pon Vilaintha Kalathur, Kanchipuram
Kothandaramar Temple is located in Pon Vilaintha Kalathur, which is 10 kms south of Chengalpet in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu.  This temple is more than 700 years old. It is said that Sri Thoopul Nigamantha Mahadesikan once passed through this village on his way to Thiruvahindirapuram. The village is not only famous for such divine acts, but also for promoting Tamil language.  Padikkasu Pulavar, Andhaga kavi (Blind) Veeraraghava Mudaliar and Pugazhendi pulavar, were all born in this sacred place. The noted freedom fighter Salem Vijayaraghavachariyar also belongs to this village.

This temple is as old as the village itself. The Moolavar deity is Pattabhi Rama, seen in a Grand Pattabhisheka sitting posture with Sita on his left lap and Lakshmana by his side. The marks one finds on the Moolavar Rama deity is an indication of the history of the temple. There are three Rama Temples in this village although small in structure are significant among the Rama temples. The legendary stories associated with it enhanced the mythological splendor of these temples.

Once, Vedanta Desikar couldn’t get alms to feed Lord Hayagriva at night while staying in this village. The next day morning the villagers complained to him that a white horse had destroyed their paddy fields in the night. When Desikar went there, the places through which the horse had run through had turned into gold. Hence this village got the name Pon Vilaintha Kalathur wherein pon refers to gold and Vilaintha means yield from cultivation in Tamil.

The Temple
Kothandam is the famous bow of Mahavishnu. The lord Rama here appears with Kothandam in his hands and is thus called Kodandaramar. The Kothanda Ramar temple is adjacent to the Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple. The Lord appears in Pattabhisheka kolam with Sita Devi sitting on the left lap unlike other temples where Sita Devi appears on the right. Lakshmanan is to the right of the Lord.

The temple is the oldest Vishnu temple in the vicinity. Earlier, only Ramar Sannadhi was there. During the process of expanding the premises of the temple, The Moolavar Venkata Varadan deity was found under the earth when the Maha Mandapam of Kothandarama temple and one now sees the handsome 6ft Venkata Varadan, seen with a Abhayam in a South Facing posture. So Lord in this unique posture with Abhaya Hastam (unlike the normal Varadha Hastam) blessing devotees facing south while Ramar is facing east.

When Kothandarama went on a procession to Edayur hill, near here, the Srinivasa Utsava deity was brought here as the Utsava deity could not be maintained in that place. Acharyas and Alwars are close to Srinivasar and there is a separate Sannadhi for Alarmel Mangai Thayar. There are also separate Sannadhis to Anjaneyar and Chakarathalwar in the praharam. Both Narasimmar temple and Kothanda Ramaswamy temple have beautiful gardens within the temple premises.

The temple in its current form is about 500years old and was renovated by the Ahobila Mutt, with sacred water from Vilakkoli Perumal Temple at Thoopul (Kanchi), the birth place of Vedantha Desigan. Kodanda Ramar temple, Dharba Sayana Ramar temple and Lakshmi Narasimhar temple are close to each other. Chaturbhuja Ramar temple is at Pon Padhar kudam which is about 4-5 kms from the rest of the temples.

Temple Opening Time
The Temple will be open from 8 A.M – 10.30 A.M and 5 P.M – 7.30 P.M
·        1day Rama Navami (9th day)
·        Aipasi Pavitrotsavam
Kothanda Ramar Temple
P.V. Kalathur – 603 405, Kancheepuram district
Phone: 044 – 27441142
Mobile: +91 – 94437 06842
Pon Vilaintha Kalathur is located at a distance of 10 kms from Chengalpet. There are local buses every half hour (during morning and evening) running between Chengalpet and Pon Vilaintha Kalathur. Pon Vilaintha Kalathur is about 65 kms from Chennai.
From Chengalpet, take the Old GST Road, turn left (1km before the Madras – Trichy National Highway Bye Pass.) into the road leading to Thirukazhukundram via Pon Vilaintha Kalathur (PV Kalathur). About 6kms into this road, one should cross the Ottivakkam railway station gate to reach Pon Vilaintha Kalathur. 
Nearest Railway Station is Ottivakkam Railway Station. One can take a passenger train between Chennai Egmore/Tambaram and Villupuram and get down at Ottivakkam and walk to this temple from the station. One can take an auto or taxi from Chengalpet (10kms). Nearest Airport is Chennai Airport.