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Silver Beach

Silver Beach
Silver Beach is a beach on the southeast coast of India. It is located 2 km (1.2 mi) from downtown Cuddalore, the headquarters of Cuddalore district in the state of Tamil Nadu. Silver Beach, however, is untouched by the busy life of the city. It is the second longest beach on the Coromandel Coast and one of the longest beaches in Asia.
Silver Beach, in Devanampattinam, is situated in the eastern side of Cuddalore and is visited by a number of travellers. The beach provides tourists an opportunity to indulge in various activities such as horse riding and boating. Moreover, the beach also houses a boat house and a children's play area.

It is an extremely popular tourists spot for holiday makers from all parts of the world. Silver Beach is one of the picturesque beaches located on the southeast coastline of India. The vast stretches of endless sea and soft sands on the shore add to the natural beauty of the place. Silver Beach is an awesome destination to enjoy holidays in a coveted tranquility and friendly ambience. Besides being a famous recreational spot there are pristine temples and mesmerizing sceneries around the beach that adds to the charm of this place.
Silver Beach is located under the Cuddalore district in the Tamil Nadu state in India. The latitude of Silver Beach is 11.7393⁰ N whereas the longitude of Silver Beach is 79.7865⁰ E.
Situated at a distance of 2 kilometers from district headquarters, Cuddalore city, it is also major location nearby the administrative headquarters of this district. The beauty of this beach remains main attraction that has hardly been spoiled by any type of pollutants—and of course busy lifestyle hasn’t touched it yet.
Temperature & Weather
Summer season from April to June is extremely hot at Silver Beach. The temperature during this time ranges between 23⁰C to 40⁰C. This time is not suitable to visit the beach is mostly avoided by tourists. During the monsoons, Silver beach experiences heavy rainfall that is characteristic of the place. It starts from July and continues till October. Most of the water activities at the beach are suspended due to incessant rains.
The month of November brings winter season to the Silver Beach. Temperature falls during this time, with minimum temperature being recorded at 12⁰C and maximum temperature reaches up to 30⁰C. The temperature is ideal to enjoy the beauty of the place. The best time to vacation in Silver Beach is from the months of October to March.
Family Vacation
Silver Beach is a perfect holiday spot with family and close friends. The place is packed with recreational activities for all age groups. Adventure and water sports facilities at the beach side draw outdoor enthusiasts to this place.

Travelling Requirements
Indian citizens can travel to Silver Beach at their convenience. However foreign nationals require taking visa permission from the Indian government. Only after visa application is accepted they can holiday in Silver Beach. Yet foreign tourist must always keep their valid passports and other essential travel documents with them.
Silver Beach at Cuddalore greets its visitors with ample attractions. Tourists visiting this beach love exploring the beautiful surroundings of the place. The appearance of Silver Beach makes it look like a separate island, even though it is not so. The natural beauty of this beach is truly mesmerizing. The Silver Beach is renowned for its water sports facilities. Tourists here enjoy boating and the boats are also available on rents for adventurous sea explorations.
Silver Beach welcomes its guests with ample attractions. In fact all tourists have much to explore during visits to this wonderful beach in whose vicinity is located the unique South Cuddalore Bay area in southern portion. Its appearance is truly mesmerizing because it looks as if a separate island is located while the case is not so. Different types of water sports are common in backwater that easily separate the main beach from the structure looking like an island. It remains safest place for adventure activities for which tourists are augured to rent boats for exploration.

Other attractions at Silver Beach are dense forests and lighthouse reminding past century. Tourists spend good time in sandy beach for sunbathing and so do they visit various monuments especially forts for great exploration. Tourists involve in multiple sports activities while in Silver Beach. Their common involvements are to enjoy various adventure sports from boating to horse riding or water sports. Usually summer festival is unique celebration that literally enlivens this beach from April to May months.
Besides enjoying the usual beach activities, at Silver Beach the tourists here also love visiting the lighthouse and dense forests that reminds of the past century. After the thrill of the water sports, some lie relaxing in a sunbath whereas the adventure one set out for exploring the forts and other monuments of the temple. Horse riding is also provided at the beach side that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.
Water sports
To the south of the beach the South Cuddalore Bay area appears as if it is a separate island. The backwater separating the main beach from the island-like structure is a safe place for water sports. Boats are available to rent.
To the west a river flows into dense mangrove forests teeming with birds. On the coast there is century-old lighthouse. A few resorts have sprung up in the area. Most of these are sponsored by the state government for promoting tourism.
Forts in the beach
Silver Beach is also the location of Fort St. David, which has a long history as one of the three important forts built by the British Empire. An arts college, Periyar College of Arts and Science, is situated near the beach. There are summer festivals celebrated in Silver Beach yearly during April or May.
Fort St. David was a British Fort that the Britishers took over from the Maratha rulers in the year 1960. This fort was used as headquarters during the rule of East India Company. Most part of the fort is in ruins but it is still visited by large section of tourists.
It is an undeniable fact that nightlife is one of the key attractions in Silver Beach as it has much to offer to tourists. They indulge in the activities like partying, drinking or simply walking to great shopping exploration during evenings and do continue till late nights. Perhaps such aspects are most notable ones and make it easy for beach tourists to involve in activities for great fun during nighttime.
The nightlife at Silver Beach is a biggest draw especially for foreign tourists. Holiday makers love drinking, eating, partying or simply walking on the soft sands after sunset. The party at Silver Beach continues till late nights and the fun factor increases with the passing hours.
The beach was struck by the 2004 Asian tsunami. It was the second most heavily affected area, after Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. The death toll at Silver Beach was more than 2,700.
Food and Accommodation
Most of the restaurants around Silver Beach serve authentic south Indian dishes that are irresistibly good. But that does not mean the place is lacking in other cuisines. Since the influx of global tourists at Silver Beach is high, the place has some very restaurants that serve all kinds of International cuisines. Some of the famous eating joints around Silver Beach are Adyar Anand Bhawan, Gokul Restaurant, Abirami Craker Shop, Anandha Restaurant, Hotel Sarvanas, Hotel Atharaja and Vels Restaurant.
Silver Beach has accommodations in all budget categories to suit the need of individual travellers. The place has best options in luxury hotels and low cost staying options. Some of the low budget hotels around Silver Beach are Hotel Theertha Park, Hotel Durai, Neyveli Guest House, Arcot Woodlands Hotel, Suriyapriya Hotel, Hotel Vaigai and Radha Hotel. These hotels offer decent accommodation with rates below INR 1500 for per room/night. Some of the plush properties around Silver Beach for luxurious travellers include Le Pondy, Kailash Beach Resort and Club Mahindra. These hotels have rooms available at INR 4000 onwards for a night.
Safety and Security
Silver Beach is Cuddalore is an extremely safe beach destination in South India. However it is essential to maintain personal safety to avoid any mishaps at the beach side.
It is well connected to Cuddalore Bus Stand, Railway Station & Well connected to Pondicherry also. Nearest Air port is Pondicherry.






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