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Pachaimalai Subramanya Swamy Temple

Pachaimalai Subramanya Swamy Temple
Pachaimalai Subramanyaswamy Temple also known as Pachaimalai Balamurugan Temple is one of the two major hill temples (other being Pavalamalai) located in GobichettipalayamTamil Nadu, dedicated to Hindu God Kartikeya. The temple constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture, is located on top of a small hillock in the outskirts of the town of Gobichettipalayam.

Pachaimalai, Arulmigu Subramaniaswamy Temple is located in Gobichettipalayam, a quiet town in the Erode district. Gobi, as it is shortly called, has two hill temples - Pachaimalai and Pavalamalai. Pachaimalai and Pavalamalai is considered to be a great reason to justify the town's ethics. Pachaimalai is also colloquially pronounced as 'Pachamalai' Arulmigu Balamurugan, the child god, son of Shiva Parvathi, the god of army, the teacher of all, finds his place in this scenic hill temple. The Lord appears in a very beautiful form and it is very difficult to take one's eye off. The Poojai activities at the temple are renowned. The 'Artha Jama' poojai resembles the one at Palani. Arulmigu Balamurugan takes the simplest form with white clothes sans his ornamental jewels. This is the most peaceful scene; one can ever get in his life. Though the pachaimalai subramaniyaswamy temple is ancient, the structure has been built starting 1967.
The most recent 'Swarna Bandhana Kumbabishekam' was held in June 2006 in Pachaimalai. Other deities residing in the temple are Vidya Ganapathi (form of common sense, quick wit and knowledge), Maragatheeswarar, Maragatha Valli, Guru Dhakshinamurthy, Kalyana Subramanyar, Anjaneyar, Navagraham and Kala Bhairavar. Urchava Murthys are Dhandayudhapani, Shanmugar, Subramanyar Pradhosha Moorthy and Aiyappar. Golden Chariot and Golden Peacock mount have been donated by the public to the Almighty.

A wooden chariot runs around the Pachaimalai hill during Panguni Uthiram Chariot Festival. The temple is renowned for the 'Vaasthu' poojai where people bring the first brick to perform poojai at the Sannidhanam. 'Ayyappa Maalai' in Karthigai month is also started here. Couples who are in need of children perform their Sashti fasting here. It is a belief that the couple in fasting at Pachaimalai would get a child. Anyone who is not married pray 'Kalyana' Subramanyar and Guru Dakshinamurthy for their requests to be answered in Pachaimalai
Saint Dhurvasar performed his routine worship of Lord Shiva at Modachur in outskirts of Gobichettipalayam. While workshipping, he wanted to have a Darshan of Lord Subramanya. Not finding a temple around, he tried to find out a place of worship through his penance. He discovered a small hillock at nearby wherein he installed Lord Subramanya as Balakumara facing west on the advice of Lord Shiva, which later developed into Pachaimalai temple.
The temple itself is more than 3000 years old. The present structure was renovated in 1956 by P. K. Kuppuswamy Gounder and the first Maha Kumbabishekam was performed in 1980 led by P. K. Eswaran as renovation committee head. The latest Kumbabishekam was performed in June 2006.

It should be noted that a large wooden chariot runs around Pachaimalai for every Panguni Uthiram during the Chariot (Ther) Festival. It is the largest wooden chariot in this area after Avinashi Ther. A golden chariot is available for Murugan to play around his abode. The beauty of Dhandapani in golden chariot should be seen and as it is unexplainable. Arulmigu Dhandapani goes to golden chariot in his mount 'golden peacock' with complete golden attire. This cannot be seen even in Palani and Thiruchendur. Now, there is seven period regular poojai performed with two period of Abishekam daily. The night time ArdhaJaama Poojai is performed in comparison with Palani. 
The temple has a five storey main Gopuram built according to the Dravidian architecture. The main deity is Balamurugan, the child form of Lord Murugan. The main deity faces west similar to Palani Dhandayuthapani temple. The temple also has a colossal statue of Lord Muruga, which is visible from the town of Gobichettipalayam. The temple also has shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses including Vidya GanapathyMaragatheeswarar and His consort MaragathavalliKalyana Subramanya with His consorts Valli and DeivanaiMaragatha Venkatesa Perumal with His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi, Dakshinamurthi, Bhairava and the Navagraha.
Special practices
Devotees perform Rudrabishek with rosewater to Lord Muruga and offer vastras in green to grant boons for marriage. It is the staunch belief of the devotees that worship of Lord Muruga in the temple would ensure higher education, child boon, relief from debt burdens, prosperity and health. Students offer Arugampul garlands to Lord Vidya Ganapathy for granting higher education boons.
Schedule and Puja
The temple is open on all days from 6 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM. There are 7 timely Pooja scheduled daily of which late evening 7 PM pooja is considered special. Every Tuesday, New Moon day (Amavasa), Sankatahara Chathurthi (Waning Period), Pradhosham, Full Moon day, Theipirai Bhairavar Yaagam, Shashti and Kiruthigai are celebrated with special pooja. Based on reservation, the golden peacock and golden chariot runs around 7 PM
Temple Timing
On all days: 6 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM
Daily 7 timely Poojai schedules
Late Evening 7 PM poojai is considered special and a must attend
Special Days
Every Tuesday, New Moon day, Sankatahara Chathurthi (Waning Period), Pradhosham, Full Moon day Girivalam, Waning Period Bhairavar Poojai, Shashti and Kiruthigai are celebrated.
Based on reservation, Golden Chariot runs around 7 PM
Fairs and festivals
Panguni Uthiram signifies the day when Lord Subramanya married Deivanai, daughter of Indra. Chariot festival is celebrated with much grandeur with lakhs of people attending the celebrations. The lord is taken for a procession on a massive wooden chariot, one of the largest in the state. The lord is presented with rose water, green clothes and garlands. Kavadi Attam is also performed by devotees and free food is provided to all devotees.
Skanda Shashti is celebrated with usual pomp. Lord Subramanya was on six day fast along with his devoted people on this day and to mark this occasion, there are special pooja scheduled on all six days and the lord is taken for a procession in a golden chariot. Lord Subramanya got his weapon Vel from his mother Parvati to kill demon Soorapadman. The "killing of Soorapadman" is termed as Soorasamharam and the event is enacted in Gobichettipalayam. Later, Lord Subramanya goes back to Pachaimalai in his peacock mount and special pooja takes place.
Kalyanotsavam is performed to Lord Subramanya with Valli and Deivayanai at the Vasantha Mandapam in Pachaimalai. Everyone is served lunch and the 'fasting' devotees finish their fast. Vaikaasi Visaagam festival is celebrated with great devotion with Lakshaarchanai. On Visaagam day, Thaarabishekam is performed to the Lord with large quantities of milk. Later, Sathru Samhara Homam was performed. Guru and Sani Peyarchi special pooja is also performed. During Karthigai Deepam, scores of people light lamps in the temple including the steps of this great hillock.
Thai Poosam is celebrated at Pachaimalai with devotion and grandeur. People from Pudupalayam and Modachur carried Kavadi of different kinds. A massive Annadhanam was organized for all the devotees.
Special Days
Every Tuesday, New Moon day, Sankatahara Chathurthi (Waning Period), Pradhosham, Full Moon day Girivalam, Waning Period Bhairavar Poojai, Shashti and Kiruthigai are celebrated Based on reservation, Golden Chariot runs around 7 PM
Panguni Uthiram Car (Chariot) Festival
Pachaimalai - Panguni Uthiram Car / Ther / Chariot festival was celebrated with nearly 50,000 people attending the celebrations on Wednesday alone. 10 groups of Kavadi Abhishekam was performed for the Lord. Shanmugar was adorned with Pachai Saathi with lots of people presenting the lord with Panneer (Rose water), Pachai cloth and Pachai garlands. Annadhanam from early morning till late night was conducted by Balamurugan and Balakumaran Arakkattalai separately. Later Thanga Ratham (Gold Chariot) was run around the temple on the hill.
Skanda Shashti Soorasamharam festival
Pachaimalai - Skanda Sashti was celebrated with usual pomp and geity. Subramanyar was on six day fasting along with his devoted people at Pachaimalai. There was Shanmugar archanai on all six days and 'Thanga Ther' (Golden Chariot) was run on all days.
Lord Subramanya took the 'Sakthivel' from Maragadeeswarar and Maragadavalli amman. Soorasamharam was enacted in Gobi town with Tharahasooran near Vengaiammal Elementary School, Bhanugopan at Padaiyachi Mariamman temple, Singhamahasooran at Mettuvalavu and Soorapadman at Muthu Velappar Street. Later Panneer Abishekam was done at the same location. Vettrilai and Vaagai Maalai were presented to Lord to hail his victory over evil. Later Lord Subramanyar went to Pachaimalai in his peacock mount.
Kalyanotsavam was performed to Lord Subramanyar with Valli and Deivayanai at the Vasantha Mandapam of Pachaimalai. Lot of devotees thronged the 'wedding'. Everyone were served lunch and the 'fasting' devotees finish their fast.
Vaikaasi Visaagam festival
Pachaimalai - Vaikasi Visaaham was celebrated with great devotion with Lakshaarchanai from June 2nd to June 4th. On Visaagam day, Thaarabishekam was performed to the Lord with uncounted large quantities of litres of milk. Later, Sathru Samhara Homam was performed. The sponsors for Laksharchanai for each session were Thiru.Raveendra Nayar, Gobi, Thiru S.Chandrasamy, Vinaayaga Finance, Gobi, Thiru. Mahendran, Modern Digital, Pudupalayam, Gobi, Thiru. Bala- -subramanian & Friends, Kullampalayam, Gobi, Thiru. Panneerselvam, Varalakshmi Granites, Gobi and Thiru. Krishnan Jayanthi, Staff, TNSTC, Gobi. Let Lord give all the health and wealth for these people.
Tharaabishekam and Sathru Samhara Homam was sponsored by Senthan Kanthan, Pudupalayam, Gobi. Thanga Ratham (Golden Chariot) and Gold Peacock Mount were run around the hill on all these days. Sunday, the June 7th, witnessed more celebrations when Subramanya Kalyanotsavam was performed. Annadhanam was performed on all the festival days
Guru and Sani Peyarchi special poojai
Pachaimalai - Guru Peyarchi 2009 is celebrated at Guru Dhakshinamurthy Sannidhanam at Pachaimalai. Guru Peyarchi function was as usual sponsored by Thottipalayam Thiru. Murugan. Guru's colour is Yellow. Devotees worshipped Guru by offering yellow dhoti, towel and cloth, yellow flowers like Thanga Arali and garland in Kondai Kadalai. Visit Pachaimalai for perfect Guru Peyarchi celebrations
Karthigai Deepam Festival
Pachaimalai - Karthigai Deepam was celebrated at Pachaimalai. Scores of people lit lamps in the temple, on the entire space available in Pachaimalai. The steps of this great hillock were covered with lamps. It was a beautiful scene one should definitely relish.
Bharani Deepam was lit in the Agni corner of the Karuvarai. The light from the Bharani Deepam was then lit on the Garuda Kambam near the Kadambam tree. With this the celebration attained the 'peak'. People celebrated the Kiruthigai, Pournami by performing Girivalam and by attending the Shanmugar Sahasranama Archanai. Later Golden Chariot was dragged by Pournami Girivalam Bhakthar Kuzhu and Kiruthikai Bhakthar kuzhu. All devotees were served with Prasadham. It is to record that Garuda Kambam is a concept that can be seen only in Kongunadu.
Aippasi Annaabishekam Festival
Pachaimalai - Annabishekam was performed for Maragadeeswarar at Pachaimalai with usual geity. As in all Shiva temples across the country, annabishekam was performed in Pachaimalai also. Abishekam and Aradhanai were performed for all the deities. Lots of people were served food.
Thai Poosam festival
Pachaimalai - Thaipusam (Thai Poosam) was celebrated at Pachamalai with devotion and grandeur. People from Pudupalayam and Modachur carried Kavadi of different kinds. A massive Annadhanam was organised for all the devotees. Golden Chariot and Golden Peacock mount were organised. On February 9th, Kalyanotsavam for Subramanyar and Valli Deivanai was conducted. Lot of people thronged Pachamalai on both the days. Subramanyar went around Gobi through Pudupalayam, Mettuvalavu, Padayachi Veedhi and Harijan Colony. Let the Lord save all the people who celebrated this Kaumara and Tamil festival of Thaipusam. Car festival (Ther) was celebrated at Pavalamalai Arulmigu Muthukumaraswamy Temple. and all Tamil, Saiva and Kaumara cult festivals
Arulmigu Subramanyaswamy Thirukkoil,
Gobichettipalayam - 638476
Mobile: Dinesh Sivaacharyar - +919698235352
Renovation Committee
Thiru. P. K. Easwaran,
'Senthan Kanthan Illam'
 29, Muthu Velappar Street,
 Gobichettipalayam - 638476
 Mobile: +919659776622
In this temple, Annadhanam is the most important activity. Basic necessities of human beings are food, clothes and shelter. Food is required every day thrice. It would be great if devotees arrange some food (as prasadam) for the fellow devotees who visit the temple. If someone comes for a poojai, please ask the Sivachaaryar to arrange some prasadam. Pachaimalai is one temple where there would always be some work (Thiruppani) going on. Kindy check with the temple Sivachaaryar to explain about the same. There is a permanent Renovation Committee Head Thiru.PK Eswaran who oversees the work. Kindly present your donations to him.
Pachaimalai temple is not built by the rich. All golden works are the small and humble donations of the poor. Golden Chariot, Golden Peacock, Golden Attires, Golden Spears (Vel) are the donations of hundreds and thousands of middle class and the developing class as 1gm, 2gms and 5gms. Golden chariot is drawn on all major festivals by devotees forming a team of around 10 to 20. Each member contributes a small amount of Rs.50 to Rs.200 (on their capacity) and makes the golden chariot celebrations. Any devotee can join one the festivities with a small contribution and pray the Lord with complete satisfaction.
Pachaimalai is located 3Kms from Gobi town centre. There are two ways to reach Pachaimalai from Gobi town: one from Modachur (Gobi - Kunnathur Road) and another from Karattur (Erode - Sathy Main Road). As there are no buses, one can hire an auto/taxi to reach Pachaimalai.

Pachaimalai is situated near Pudupalayam in the outskirts of Gobichettipalayam. To get there by road, reach Gobichettipalayam and travel further 1 km to reach Pachaimalai. The temple is located on top of a hillock which can be accessed by road or by foot from the base of the hill. By rail, reach Erode (40 km) and then travel by road via Gobichettipalayam. The nearest airport is Coimbatore, 85 km away.