Saturday, September 26, 2015

Perumpallam Dam

Perumpallam Dam
Perumpallam Dam is a dam in SathyamangalamErode districtTamil Nadu, southeastern India. It is fed by rainwater from the Kadambur Hills and the Bhavani River. It was built in the 1989. It measures roughly 2 km long and 40 metres in height and occupies 65.29 hectares of land. The reservoir which the dam inundates is subject to dramatic changes in water levels, from drought to heavy flooding such as in November 2006.

This 2 km long dam is 40 meter high and occupies 65.29 hectares of land. Water shed area is around 44.53 km and receives up to 15459 cusecs of water. The dam has a withholding capacity of 115.80 million cusecs and can discharge 14.660 cusecs/ second. The dam has a gateway on either side of the dam to discharge water through canals to irrigate the adjacent lands. The right side canal irrigates over 545.17 hectares of lands while the left side canal irrigates over 485.42 hectares of land. The deepest point in the dam measures 16.69 metres.

The construction of the dam started in July 1984 and was completed in April 1989. Estimated at Rupees Five Crore and Thirty One Lakh, the dam was built at an approximate cost of Rupees Six Crore Thirty Five Lakhs and Sixty Thousand. The dam was declared open for irrigation on 22 March 1992 by the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalitha. 

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