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Kasthuri Aranganathar Temple

Kasthuri Aranganathar Temple
Kasthuri Aranganathar Temple is one of the ancient temples of the region. The 1,080 years old temple belongs to the Chola period, which was constructed by 1st Paranthaka Chola King.
The sanctum of the temple houses God Kasthuri Aranganathar and Goddess Kamalavalli Thayar along with Anjanayar. Situated in the middle of the city, the temple hosts celebrations of festivals like Vaigunda Ekadasi and Puratasi Ther Thiruviza. It is located about 2 kms from the Erode bus stand.
The Dwarapalakas who were cursed by an angry Sage Durvasa are seen at the feet of Lord Ranganatha offering their service. Lord Kasthuri Ranganatha is seen with his right hand on Sage Durvasa in a posture of cooling the normally angry sage. This temple overlooks the Aarudhra Kabaleeswarar Temple and is equally magnificient and might have been built around the same time.

The temple has several unique features to it. The main deity of the temple is Kasthuri Ranganathar, but he is very different from any other Ranganatha Perumal one might have witnessed in other temples.
The legend of the temple says that Durvasa Maharishi, well known for his short temper, once got angry with Lord Brahma and cursed him. Brahma came here and worshipped Lord Vishnu, and got Saapa Vimochana. So true to the legend, the Lord has one arm outstretched and palm extended over Durvasa Maharishi as if to pacify him and the other is stretched towards Brahma who unlike in other Ranganatha temples is not placed on a lotus over the Lord's navel , but he is being held by the Lord over his left hand.
One can get to see Durvasa Maharishi by peeping into the Sanctum Sanctorium. The entrance has been deliberately built that way so that the devotees do not disturb the sage and anger him.
Another unique feature is that the Dwara Paalakas (guards) of the Lord, who are usually found on either side of the Sannathi, are found at the feet of the Lord worshipping him. These are said to be Devas who had been cursed to become demons and had attained Saapa Vimochana by worshipping Kasthuri Ranganatha and hence are found at his feet serving him.
EVR Periyar’s family has made several contributions to this temple. His father has made the crown and feet of the Lord in Silver (they are really huge) and his mother has laid the pavement for the devotees to circumambulate.
The Goddess here is called Kamalavalli Thaayar. She looks so serene and welcoming. A wonderful temple worth visiting if you are in the vicinity.
10th Century AD Inscription in Tamil records the construction of a Nilai (Door Jamb) and mentions the name of the God as Pallikonda Devar

On the Western Wall, an inscription relating to the rule of Raja Kesarivarma mentions the temple of Pallikonda Perumal
·        Chitra Pournami
·        Brahmotsavam in Puratasi
·        Garuda Sevai in Panguni, Maasi and Thai
Quick Facts
·        Moolavar: Kasthuri Ranganatha in a Sayana Kolam
·        Goddess: Kamalavalli Thaayar
·        Utsavar: Varadaraja Perumal                                  
·        Time : 6 am-12 noon and 4.30 pm - 8.30 pm
·        Contact: Sriram Bhattar @ 98652 24745 / Nagarajan @ 94439 51121
Auto from Erode bus stand will cost Rs. 40 / from the Erode railway station will cost Rs. 50/-